Tales of Crestoria is Expected to Release in June for iOS and Android

Tales of Crestoria is a mobile RPG based on the “Tales” series. Developed by Bandai Namco, the Tales series is a Japanese role-playing game franchise.

Tales of Crestoria was first made public with a trailer late last year. The trailer featured some excellent visuals alongside the battle system of the game. It was also disclosed that an English version of the game was also in the works. Check out our detailed overview of the game.

Now we have more details that The game has been in the works and is almost ready for a worldwide iOS and Android release.

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Tales of Crestoria Release Date

A recent announcement published on the Tales of Crestoria English Twitter, account revealed that the game would be launched sometime in June 2020. According to our sources, Tales of Crestoria should be released globally on 18th June 2020. However, the official Twitter handle didn’t give a particular date.

The major announcement is that the game will be available worldwide at the same time.

Tales of Crestoria will be the first game of the Tales games series to be released globally. It is all thanks to the fact that despite being a strictly Japanese game, the game got massive popularity in the North American region, especially in the USA.

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Bandai has decided it will also have an open beta test of the English version, which will release in early May. So we can acquire more details on it.

The developers also explained a few extra pieces of information, such as the Tales of Crestoria would launch with Japanese voice in early June worldwide on iOS and Android. The text, on the other hand, has been translated into English. Bandai Namco will release a theme song and promotional video this Sunday, the 26th of April.

We will have more to say when the game comes out.

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