The Grand Mafia Codes June 2024 – Latest Redemption Codes

Looking for The Grand Mafia Codes? Check out the article and get all the latest The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes today!

Grand Mafia is a mobile strategy game designed for mobile. The game is about recruiting criminals from the underworld and then commanding them to form a criminal gang. Yotta Games release these codes frequently and on some special occasions to maintain the interest of players in the game.

Today we have brought you the latest grand mafia redemption codes list to use and get free diamonds, building materials, speed ups, gold, VIP points, EXP, and more amazing gifts.

What are the Grand Mafia Redemption Codes?

Yotta Games, the developers of Grand Mafia, issue special codes which yield different gifts for the players called redemption codes. These codes are a type of incentive for the  players to stick through the journey of the game

These codes are sometimes region-specific and sometimes globally acceptable. These codes are released on special occasions like the game’s anniversary, festival, etc.,  or simply to reward the players.

These codes are released on various platforms related to the game or even mailed to players.

Active Grand Mafia Codes

Latest The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes

3spring20equinox – [Reward: 5K training Expander X1, 30-Min Training speed-up X3, and Random Relocator X1] – (Valid Until March 27th, 2022 )

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The Grand Mafia Gold Codes

CanakkaleZaferi – [Reward: 200 Gold X1. 15K Diamonds X1, 1-hr Speed-Up X1, and 100 VIP Points X1] – (Valid Until March 27th, 2022)

Tgm888 – [Reward : 300 Gold, 10 Family Building Material Redemption Coupons, 1-Hr Speed Up, 1-Hr Training Speed Up, 100 VIP Points ]

Welcome – [Reward : 100 Gold, X3 Minute Speed Up, and X100 VIP ]

The Grand Mafia Redeem Codes (Expired)

Frauenpow8er – [Reward :  Exclusive Rewards] – (Valid Until March 13th, 2022 )

Zashchitnik23 – [Reward : 200 Gold X1, 50k Diamonds X2, 3-Hr Training Speed-up X2 and 100 Points X1 ] – (Valid Until February 27th, 2022 )

Valen1tin4stag – [Reward : Exclusive Rewards ] – (Valid Until February 20th, 2022 )

Mafiastyle240 – [Reward : 200 Gold X1, 100 VIP Points X1 and !-Hr Speed=up X2] – (Valid Until February 13th, 2022 )

HAPPYTCGNMY – [Reward : Exclusive Rewards] – (Valid Until February 6th, 2022 )

teesperacarnaval – [Reward : Exclusive Rewards ] – (Valid Until January 30th, 2022 )

IHaveADream – [Reward : 200 God X1, 150K Cargo X1, 1-Hr Speed-Up X1, 150K Cash X1 and 100 VIP Points X1 ] – (Valid Until January 23rd, 2022)

j0y3ux2022 – [Reward : 200 Gold X1, Liquor X10, 1-Hr Speed-Up X1 and 20% Crew ATK Boost X1 ] – (Valid Until January 16th, 2022)

noviygod – [Reward : Exclusive Rewards ] – (Valid Until January 9th, 2022 )

2Happy0New2Year2 – [Reward : 200 Gold X1, 50K Diamonds X1, 1-Hr Speed-Up X1 and Stamina Drink (Small) X1 ] – (Valid Until January 3rd, 2022 )

Christmas25 – [Reward : Lucky Gold Crate X1, Firework X2 and Snowman Prank X1 ] – (Valid Until December 30th, 2021 ) 

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montgolfiere – [Reward : 100 Gold X1, Equipment Crate Redemption Coupon X1 and Stamina Drink (Small) X1 ] – (Valid Until December 23rd, 2021)

TGM12 – [Reward : Code For 100 Gold X2, 100 VIP Points X1 and Energy Drink (1K) X1 ] – (Valid Until December 17th, 2021 )

N1eiger2 – [Reward : 1-Hr Speed-Up X2, Family Building Material Redemption Coupon X5 and 5K Training Expander X1 ] – (Valid Until December 12th, 2021)

christmas25 – [Reward : Exclusive Rewards ] – (Valid Until December 4th, 2021) 

Sh0ppingweek – [Reward : 100 Gold X1, Energy Drink 2K X1 and Stamina Drink (Small) X1] – (Valid Until December 5th, 2021)

Thxgiving – [Reward : Liquor X5, 1-Hr Speed-Up X2 and 100 VIP Points X1 ] – (Valid Until )

How to find Redemption Codes for The Grand Mafia?

The Grand Mafia Redemption codes are published by its developer on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord server, Reddit, and the game’s Official Website. These are mostly released on special occasions or when there are special partnerships. We keep updating this page with new codes, so keep following for more.

How to Redeem Grand Mafia Redemption Codes?

How to Redeem The Grand Mafia Codes

Step 1 – Open the game and click on your city map.

Step 2 – Go to your profile icon at the top right corner.

Step 3 – Go to ‘Settings’ on the bottom right side.

Step 4 – Click on ‘Redemption Codes’.

Step 5 – Type an active redemption code.

Step 6 – Press the ‘Exchange’ button and Voila, you receive your reward.

The Redeem window shows an Error

If you face an error while Redeeming a code here are a few things you have to keep in mind

  • The Grand Mafia Codes are case-sensitive and respect the syntax.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection and are using the latest version of the game.
  • A code can only be used only once by a player.
  • Every code has an expiry date and some have a redemption limit beyond which it becomes useless.
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Are there any Gift codes for The Grand Mafia?

Yes, there are gift codes available for The Grand Mafia. These can be found on their official social media handles on special events. These codes are easy to redeem as well.

Can The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes have a virus?

No, not at all. These codes are safe for the game as well as your device.

Is there any specific level for The Grand Mafia Codes to be Redeemed?

No, these codes are for everyone. Levels don’t matter, anyone can copy the codes and get them redeemed.

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