Unmemory is an Upcoming Interactive Mystery Novel that’s Heading for iOS and Android Next Month

Have you ever read a great mystery novel and dreamed about becoming a detective yourself. I certainly did. The 16-year-old would read a page and ask myself, wow I wish I could solve crimes like that too. Well, you will be able to fulfill your dreams soon. Probably next month. How you may ask? With Unmemory.

Unmemory is an upcoming interactive visual novel developed by Patrones y Escondites a Barcelona based game developer and Published by Plug-in Digital. The predominantly text-based game promises an immersive storyline and is scheduled to be released next month on AppStore, Google Play, and Steam.

Unmemory 1

Unmemory game starts with a man investigating a murder case set in the 90s. However, the case is especially hard for our protagonist, as he suffers from a rare untreatable memory disorder.

Thereby his only hope of cracking the case is through notes, images, recordings he has collected during the investigation. And as a player, you should too keep an eye out for these as they will help you solve various puzzles spread thought out the game.

But Unmemory is more than just a murder mystery game. It is laid out more like a book with 8 different chapters. Each goes about to show how things like music, pain, touch, taste, places, or smell effect and bring back our memories and how they make who we are. All that combined with our hero’s strange memory loss makes for a perfect plot.

In fact here is a small trailer of the game. Do check it out for more!


Overall, I am very excited to try out the game it has the plot to become a masterpiece. We will just have to see how the story unfolds. It feels like a fusion of a good novel and a game. The tag line is rater catchy too! “A game you can read. A book you can Play”

Unmemory is available on the App Store and Google Play for pre-order at $5.99. 5-hour long game will be available from 13th October onwards.

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