Words for a bird: A New word Puzzler for iOS and Android from Bart Bonte

Sometimes, simple word puzzle games turn out to be an exciting and fun experience, especially when they are designed by none other than Bart Bonte. And now, his latest word puzzle game, Words for a Bird, is available for iOS and Android users for Free.

For those who don’t know, Bart is a well-known Belgian independent game designer popular for his ‘Colour’ (yellow, red, green, black, blue) puzzle series. Additionally, he developed a few other puzzle games like Factory Balls, Boo!, ‘Sugar, Sugar,’ and more.

Words for a Bird New Word Game for iOS and Android

Words for a Bird is a little word puzzle solving game that gets more challenging as you progress through the levels. The game tells the story about a bird in a tree. The Leaves represent all the letters that are needed to be unscrambled. It’s a very short adventure, where players will have to work out to find the next word in a sentence. With only 15 levels and some music added to it, this makes this game a concise but precious one.

How to play Words for a bird

To start with the puzzle, all you have to do is hit play. A white box of letters will show you the letters you need to complete the word. Also, do take note of the position of the letters in the white box, as it will hold a clue for the keen-eyed.

If, at some point, one gets stuck, then you can get hints from a light bulb icon in the top right corner. To make it a little bit more tricky, not all the letters will be required to form the word. So, do work your brain horses while playing this game. Only after solving all the 15 levels, all the words for the bird can be uncovered.

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Although Words for a Bird started as a browser game, Bonte began to work on the mobile app version of the game during this lockdown. To be fair, only a few features like the story, a few puzzles, and music are added to it as compared to the creator’s browser version. But thankfully everyone is loving it and so will you!

Words for a Bird is now available on App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with ads only appearing before hints. However, users can pay a mere $1.99 to remove all of them.

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