WoW TBC Servers: The Best Ones for New Players

Picking a server isn’t easy, especially for greenhorns just visiting Azeroth for the first time.

Whether you want to return to Azeroth because of the announcement that Wrath of the Lich King is coming or you’re just looking to jump into Blizzard’s vintage MMO, the first thing you have to do is to pick a server.

There are undoubtedly many servers to choose from, each with its benefits and drawbacks, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Now, you may be wondering how you can narrow down the options, but did you know that it all boils down to how you like to play?

If you typically play with a group and enjoy the extra challenges that PvP brings in, that could be the way to go – you’ll constantly be the target of enemies in congested areas if you’re in a PvP server.

However, if you prefer a more laidback playthrough, perhaps the PvE servers might be suitable. They offer far less stressful experiences while farming WoW TBC gold; those servers even require you to manually toggle PvP if you want to fight the enemy faction.

Even the lore-lovers aren’t left out either – there are specific servers for roleplaying if that caters more to your taste.

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Moving Between Servers

You can only interact fully with people on the same server (or realm) as you and the faction as your character. While you can create multiple characters and insert them into various servers, they can’t “support” each other by swapping supplies, gear, or TBC Classic gold.

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You’re allowed limited access to other servers in WoW; however, you might have to pay a transfer fee. You can move one character to another server; you can only carry this character between servers once a month.

The only way for people or friends on different servers to meet is through the PvP battlegrounds. This is where characters from servers in the same battlegrounds can meet.

There’s no guarantee that WoW will put two friends into the same game. At the very least, cross-realm instance grouping has been possible within a group since Patch 3.3.5 came out.

Choosing the Right Server

Choosing a server that’s “right” for you is – dare we say – critical to your long-term enjoyment when playing WoW Classic. If you want to change servers, the only way is to either pay for a character transfer or create a new character.

The main tip that we could give you is that before you pick any type of server, you must choose one that has a low server population. You can argue that playing on a less populated server sucks. Still, due to WoW Classic’s limited server pools, congestion quickly becomes an issue – especially after a release of an expansion.

As a result, it’s best to refrain from picking a server listed as “full” or “high” capacity. After all, there’s nothing worse than waiting in a queue for 20-30 minutes before you can play every time you log in.

Roleplaying Servers: The Idyllic Place for Casuals

RPing servers come both in PvP and PvE versions. When you go into a roleplaying server, you’re encouraged to interact as characters in the world – to feel like a true citizen of Azeroth.

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It can be a tad awkward getting into the groove of RPing if you’re new to all of this but make no mistake, RP servers offer vibrant and tight-knit communities that could provide you with a lifetime friendship.

If you’re a player looking for more social interactions when playing an online game, we recommend giving RP servers a chance. There’s more to World of Warcraft Classic than just the usual questing and TBC power leveling up; players in roleplaying servers create their fun by hosting mock trials, parties, and other in-game events.

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PvP Servers: Only for the Tough As Nails

If you want the “true” World of Warcraft experience where other players can kill you in most zones without a penalty and dangers lurks in every corner, the PvP servers could be the perfect place to create your character.

The great thing about PvP servers is that there are often groups you can join for raids or take over crossroads if you ever get bored of questing or grinding. With dynamic social interactions abound, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends.

Just note that you’ll mainly be doing three things, whether you’re alone or with friends: getting endgame gear, farming gold, or dying a lot because of campers.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a server in WoW TBC. If you’re leaning towards having a more “serious” time with your character/s, PvP servers are easily the top choice.

If you’d rather have chill sessions while not worrying about getting stabbed behind your back as you grind for TBC Classic gold, you should join a PvE or RP-based server.

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Whatever your choice is, there’s no wrong answer – the only thing that matters when choosing is picking what you enjoy the most.

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