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Welcome to Genshin Impact Tier Lists! Here we spent a lot of time and came up with the best genshin impact tier list for you to enjoy. With the help of this tier list, you can enjoy your favorite MMOPRG open-world game to its utmost joy.

On a personal note, I have been a fan of the game since its release and if someone says that it’s the absolute game one must play on either mobile or pc, that person would not be wrong.

Many gamers think that tier lists are a waste of time but, man are they wrong. However, you are here seeing this tier list means that you have broken through the barrier of a noob making mistakes to a novice of strategic play.

Here we will rank all your favorite genshin impact characters in the following format, be ready for the ride!

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Genshin Impact Tier Lists

Genshin Impact
Tier listBased on
All charactersOverall performance
TypeMain DPSsub DPSutility

Genshin Impact Tier list – Character Categories

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We rank all the characters in these categories: –

  1. SS+: These are the best of the best characters in the game or can also be said as the most powerful ones in the whole game.
  2. S+: These are less potent then SS+ characters but are still some of the most powerful ones or OP characters.
  3. S: These characters perform well and are relatively better than most of the characters.
  4. A: These are comparatively well performing characters and are recommended for novice players.
  5. B: Even though they are graded lower in the ranking sometimes they can even perform better than most A grade characters. These are mostly recommended for amateur players.
  6. C: These are good characters with your average stats and are easy to encounter. But none the less these are best for beginners and noobs.

(please note that these characters may even outperform SS+ if the circumstances are right for them and this list is only for when you play the game in the usual way)

Elements in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Tier list All Elements

This special segment of the tier list will introduce you to the element list (give the general info on what elements are) –

  1. Cyro: “CONDENSED ICE”. Its effect is increasing stamina consumption.
  2. Pyro: “SMOLDERING FLAMES”. Its effects cause damage to opponent’s overtime.
  3. Geo: “THE EARTH ELEMENT”. It does not have any effects othen then when used causes damage.
  4. Electro: “ENGULFING STORM”. Continuously drains energy recharge.
  5. Anemo: “THE WIND ELEMENT”. It doesn’t have any effect other than causing damage and slowing down enemies.
  6. Hydro: “THE WATER ELEMENT”. When combined with wind element creates the effect of cyro.
  7. Dendro: “PLANT BASED ELEMENT”. This element is very secretive and very less is known about it.

(combination of these elements can give different effects.)

Genshin Impact Tier List – Best Characters Based on Overall Performance

Genshin Impact Tier List - Best Characters based on overall performance

Genshin Impact Tier List – Best Characters Based on Character Type

MAIN DPS: They are the main damage dealer-type characters.

SUB DPS: They are the sub damage dealer. swapped in for the skills and elemental reactions.

UTILITY: Primarily used for their control, buffs, or healing.

Genshin Impact Tier List - Best Characters based Character Type

Genshin Impact Tier List – Best Characters Based on Character Elements

Genshin Impact Tier List - Best Characters based Elements

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