Girl Cafe Gun Tier List – Best Girls and Weapons

Are you looking for a complete tier list for Girl Cafe Gun? We’ve compiled an up-to-date Tier List to help you dominate the game and simply surpass your opponents.

Why is the Girl Cafe Gun Tier List important?

Girl Cafe Gun is an Action RPG game in which you command a girl troop battling enemies while simultaneously maintaining a cafe. The game takes place in a futuristic society where technology and artificial intelligence govern. The contrast between the average diner and the huge electronic world outside is striking, adding to the game’s appeal.

It’s difficult to choose a character from such a large pool, which is why our tier list is so useful. In this one-of-a-kind game, you may run and design a lovely cafe with a vast cast of lovely girls.

In this article, We’ve produced a tier list for the Girl Cafe Gun that will include not just the characters, but also the weaponry, and will show you how to reroll.

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How Does our Girl Cafe Gun Tier List work

Girl Cafe Gun
  • S Tier — Characters and weapons which are the most ideal and well-suited, capable of defeating almost any task.
  • A Tier – Characters who are excellent to have in difficult conflicts.
  • B Tier – Characters in the B Tier are fun to use and somewhat above average.
  • C Tier — These are great characters to employ in little doses.

Tier List (June 2024)

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List
SEksistere (Chess)
Juno (Party Dress UR)
Su Xiaozhen (Xmas)
Rococo (Tactical Equip)
Shi Wuyou (Tactical Equip)
Moon (Swimsuit)
Cornelia (Party Dress)
Shi Wuyou (Casual)
Shi Wuyou (Cheongsam)
Shi Wuxia (Casual)
Lida (Party Dress)
Moon (Birthday)
Lida (Casual)
Moon (Casual)
Yuki (Tactical Equipment)
Moon (Maid)
Irene (Tactical Equipment)
Irene (Swimsuit)
Shi Wuyou (Holiday)
Water of Destiny,
Laser Pistol,
Frontline Warrior,
Directional Cannon
ACornelia (Chess)
Shi Wuxia (New Year)
Yuki (Party Dress)
Irene (Picnic)
Grainne (Tactical Equip)
Yuki (Maid)
Juno (Swimsuit)
Eksistere (Swimsuit)
Eksistere (Valentine)
Lida (Maid)
Cornelia (Casual)
Shi Wuyou (Maid)
Rococo (Maid)
Irene (Maple)
Shi Wuyou (Party Dress UR)
Shi Wuyou (Chess)
Vacuum Cleaner
The Hive
Star Beacon
Ruthless Healer
Hell’s Fang
Guiding Star
Gravity Compass
Fiery Thorns
Cruelty Maker
Beam Rifle
BAniya (Mobile Suit)
Nie Shirou (Mobile Suit)
Grainne (Chess)
Rococo (Swimsuit)
Moon (Gown)
Cornelia (Tactical Equip)
Grainne (Official Dress)
Grainne (Casual)
Grainne (Maid)
Eksistere (Maid)
Eksistere (Casual)
Su Xiaozhen (Maid)
Shi Wuxia (Maid)
Shi Wuxia (Casual)
Shi Wuxia (Cheongsam)
Juno (Maid)
Shi Wuxia (Defiler)
Cornelia (Official Dress)
Grainne (Training Suit)
Cornelia (Maid)
Irene (Maid)
Wraith of Jealousy
Wolf of Nomads
Tesla Aurora
Ruthless Rifle
Precision Rifle
Galaxy Star
Double Justice
Deadly Blaster
Abyssal Hammer
Pale Dragonbreath
CAniya (Casual)
Nie Shirou (Official Dress)
Shi Wuyou (Birthday)
Eksistere (Xmas)
Shi Wuxia (Swimsuit)
Juno (Casual)
Yuki (Casual)
Lida (Tactical Equipment)
Shi Wuyou (Official Dress)
Rococo (Casual)
Grainne (Party Dress)
Red Lotus

Note: This Girl Cafe Gun Tier List is based on our experience with the game as well as our own research and feedback from a few other players. Your opinion may vary. The Girl Cafe Gun Tier List is also not absolute and is bound to change as new updates and characters/weapons are added to the game. If you have any suggestions regarding the tier list, let us know through the comments section.

Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide:

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List reroll Guide

You start with a 10x summon that you can keep resetting forever until you’ve got the units you want. You will always obtain one guaranteed 4* and two guaranteed 3* from this summon.

Obtaining S-tier units from our Girl Cafe Gun tier list will be helpful. For the most successful reroll approach, play until you’ve conquered Stage 2-1, which grants you a character ticket and weapon summon tickets. From this, try to get a new 4 Star character and some S-tier weaponry.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t acquire the weapons; what matters is that you obtain the characters.

If you’re dissatisfied with the summon result, you can reroll. Here is how –

  • For Android:
    1. While using a Guest account, go to Settings on on your phone.
    2. go to installed Apps
    3. Find Girl Cafe Gun and Clear data.
    4. When you open the game it will be restarted automatically as a result of this.
  • For iOS:
    1. Uninstall and reinstall the game.

What are the benefits of upgrading the Cafe?

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

The player must gain popularity to upgrade the cafe. The player must be popular to update their cafe faster, and as their cafe updates, they will earn more coffee coins. Additionally, upgrading the café rewards the player with Coffee Coins, which can be used to purchase numerous items in the café.

The cafe’s furnishings limits and store windows will also be enlarged, which together add to the cafe’s overall appearance. Customers will aid in the player’s popularity, thus providing as much convenience as feasible.

Why do you need join the Clan in Girl Cafe Gun?

Clans are a mechanism for players to connect with one another. You will either need to join a clan or start one.

By joining a clan, players can earn daily bonuses, complete Clan Missions and win awards based on their engagement and guild points total, participate in Dark Sphere Exploration to win prizes, and use Combat Index to swap for numerous things in Clan Logistics.

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About the game

Girl Cafe Gun

Girl Cafe Gun is an anime action role-playing game. The game looks like a visual novel with a lot of interaction with beautiful anime girls.
Developer – Seasun Inc
Publisher – Bilibili
Genre – ActionRPG
Game Mode(s)
 – Single-player, multiplayer