Girls x Battle 2 Codes and How to Redeem them

Tired of looking for Girls x battle 2 Gift Codes? Well, check out the article and get all the latest working Girls x battle 2 Codes for December 2021

Are you stuck in a battle in Girl X Battle 2? Do you need a new enchantment for your girls but can’t wait to earn enough in-game currencies and wishing for a miracle to happen? Then, this article might be just what you need.

The anger that you hold through the girl in your game which gives you an escape from reality is on hold because of that one missing gear or enchantment. Don’t worry Amigo, we have you covered.

Here in this article we have compiled a complete list of all the gift codes for Girls X Battle 2 for the month of December 2021. Furthermore, we will be updating the article with new codes whenever they are available.

Also, stick till the end to know where to find these codes and how you can use them to claim your free rewards.

What are the gift codes for Girls X Battle 2?

Girls X Battle 2 redeem codes are intended to help the players despite their expertise in the game, may be a newbie or a pro. These codes aren’t created by us but provided by the creators and publishers of the Girls X Battle 2 and are valid for a limited period or has redeem limit.

When you redeem a code, you receive a specific free reward such as – gems, capsules, coins, girl shards and much more.

To get a better ubnderstanding of the game check out – Girls x battle 2 wiki

List of Girls X Battle 2 Redeem Codes

Girls X Battle 2 Codes List

Girls X Battle 2 Working Codes

  • GXB2DE1 (New!): [Reward: 10 Advance Capsule Coins & 910 Gems]
  • GXB222: [Reward: 10  free capsule] (only for new accounts)

Expired Codes

  • XmasGirls2 : [Reward: 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4 star girl]
  • 25a99f5a:  [Reward: 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4 star girl]
  • Fab1df79:  [Reward: 188 gems,  and also 80 shards of x star girl]
  • GXB2JP1: [Reward: 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4 star girl]
  • fab1df79:  [Reward: 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4 star girl]
  • 24asdfzq: [Reward: 188 gems,  and also 80 shards of x star girl]

How to find Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes?

How to Find Girls X Battle 2 Gift codes

It is not easy to find Girls X Battle 2 gift codes that actually work.

You can find Girls X Battle 2 on their facebook, instagram, reddit, youtube, website, discord and even on twitter. However, it is never specified where the next codes will be published. New Girls X Battle 2 gift codes can be found even in the comment sections.

Alternatively, You can subscibe the Shadow Knight Gaming and we will notify you whenever new Girls X Battle 2 gift codes codes are released.

All you have to do is hit the bell icon at the bottom right of the screen and then select allow notifications from this site.

How to Redeem Girls X Battle 2 Codes?

Follow the below listed steps to use the Gift Codes:

1. Open Girls X Battle 2.

2. Once you are in the game and tap on the menu button at the bottom right.

How to use Girls x Battle 2 Redeem Codes

3. Now tap on the gift icon that says “Code

4. In the new popup window enter one of Girls X Battle 2 gift codes and tap on activate

How to Redeem Girls X Battle 2 codes

5. Once done, you can return to the game and enjoy your rewards!

Redeem window shows an Error

If you face an error while Redeeming code here are a few thing you have to keep in mind

  • Codes are case sensitive and respect the syntax.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection and are using the latest version of the game.
  • A code can only be used only once by a player.
  • Every code has an expiry date and some have a redeem limit beyond wich it becomes useless.

Girls X Battle 2 code Generators

While looking for Gift codes for Girls X Battle online you might have come across “Girls X Battle 2 code generators” or sites that claim to give you codes if you drop in your email, phone number or account credentials (ID, Password).

Theses are all Scams! and by providing your details you are puting yourself at risk.

Never share your Account details or Personal data with any third party.

Some website might even ask you to download malicious apps and bloatware that can inturn leave your device vulnarable to all sorts of attacks in the future.


  1. Can we get gems from Girls X Battle 2 gift codes?

    Yes, you might be rewarded with gems after using these codes.

  2. What level is needed to redeem these Codes?

    It doesn’t matter on which level you are, anybody can use the redeem codes and earn rewards.

  3. Why can’t I Redeem Girls X Battle 2 gift codes?

    If you are getting an error while redeeming a code first make sure you have typed it in correctly. Codes are case sensitive so pay close attention. Once you are sure the the code you typed in is correct you can try again. Also, remember that a code can only be used once by a player.If you are still getting an error and you haven’t used the code before it is most likely that the code has alredy expired or reached it’s redeem limit.