Girls X Battle 2 Tier List

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List ranks the girls in the game and will help you find the best girls you can use in Girls X Battle 2 accordingly.

When one enters the world of Girls X Battle 2, they are fascinated by all the features of the games and mostly by all those magical and mighty girls. And it can be a little difficult for them to know the hidden talents of some special characters which are highlighted only on the battlefield and most importantly how to defeat those tricky characters.

So today we are here at your rescue. In this Girls X Battle 2 Tier List we have included a list of the best girls in the game so you waste your time and resources on lower-tier girls.

Every girl has a different past story which gave them a different specialty to hold specific positions on the battlefield. We can choose them, make choices for them but ultimately they fight on their own AI wits. So it is very important to choose the perfect squad to win the battle.

How Girls X Battle 2 Tier List Works

The characters of Girls X Battle 2 are divided into 5 groups. Groups go like- S,A,B,C,D. Group S is the leading group with the character of priest and has the highest scores.

Group A has the most prominent characters. Group B has characters who are rangers. Group C has some leading characters while group D has the weakest characters.

So groups go are ranked like –


There are ranks as E and F as well, but those are considered fragile/weak characters (more on them later).

To get a general understanding of the game, check out Girls X Battle 2 Wiki.

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List
NamesTier List
Psychic, Fenrir, Izanami, Vivian, Teresa, Apate, NephilimS
Wraith, Sonya, Priestess, Phoenix, Kong MingA
Nobunga, Nani, Muppet, Michael, Javelin, Hottie, Gambler, Fencer, Ennamaya, Amelia, Amazon,B
Susan, Sakura, Saint, Pandaria, Nia, Lucifer, Guan, Yin, Gabriel, Dracula, Bud Eif, Blowie, Aquaris, Trinity, Mio, Capsugirl, TurinC
Zoe, Toyo, Silvia, Scythe, Sapphire, Librarian, Iron Fist, Giana, Caitlyn, Angel, Alice, Guan Yin, KrystalD

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A guide to a few special characters of Girls X Battle 2

Best of the Best

Girls X Battle 2 offers more than a hundred Anime girls to choose from, but if you have these girls you have a huge leg up.


Girls x battle 2 Psychic
UpsBest support girl.
DownsNot equipped for taking damages.
Equipment SetupSpeed/hp dragon jade
Squad SetupCan fit into any team with ease.
How to Defeat herTry to focus on the backline as she always tagged at the back.


A massive powerhouse who uses her abilities to easily overwhelm the opponent

UpsAn attacker and a defender of the team.Can absorb incoming attacks.
DownsNo resistance to crowd control.
Equipment SetupWargs BiteThorns Heart
Squad SetupGets stronger with each round.
How to Defeat herCrowd controlling can restrict her abilities and lower down her defenses.


As S is the best rank in the Girls X Battle 2 Tier List so characters under C make up the underdogs. The list is huge when C and D are combined.

Though games have some more ranks like E and F, they just work as fillers. And as in every game underdogs are under the non-preferred section, so here’s a guide to using the underdogs to their best.


Girls x battle 2Aquaris

A flexible girl from the house fairy.

UpsGood at filling both positions on a squad. Adapt quickly. She can rack up even after getting her crit damaged.
DownsShe has no resistance to crowd control and stats are below average.
Equipment SetupWings of Icarus, The Golden Apple
Squad SetupShe just needs a person to pair with who can absorb the damage coming in her way.
How to Defeat herDefeat her in a split of seconds, the longer you dodge, the higher is the possibility of her using her crit damage.


A damage dealer from House Monster.

UpsCan shield the team as well as increase her survival rate. She can heal herself.
DownsNo controlled immunity. She takes time to build up her attack boosts.
Equipment SetupThe Black Magic Hat, The Saints Will
Squad SetupYou can put her in front where she can build her attack boosts and absorb damage for the squad.
How to Defeat herStart by defeating the girls behind her, so that her attack boost isn’t built up. Or you can attack her first by DoT damage like bleeding.

Guan Yin

A DoT dealer from House Human.

UpsGood in DoT damage towards enemies.Versatile girl, who can accommodate in any team.
Equipment SetupBlock/hp dragon jade, Perception Watch, The Judgement Sword
Squad SetupShe is valuable to put in the frontline as she can help absorb a lot of damage.
How to Defeat herGirls with better precision can help you defeat her. And choose girls who have the advantage against each of her skills, so reduce her effectiveness.


A Damage Dealer from House Human.

UpsShe has a high attack multiplier of 420%. Can induce bleeding to the opponent.
DownsNo resistance to crowd effects. No improvement of her defenses or recovery.
Equipment SetupBlack Magic Hat, Judgement Sword
Squad SetupPut her with a bleed squad like Nobunaga and Trinity, and don’t forget to put a healer with her for her damages.
How to Defeat herDon’t think twice before attacking her. Attack in surprise so she doesn’t get enough time to cause damage to you.


Librarian Girls X Battle 2

UpsGood for dealing AoE attacks. Goof Buffing/Debuffing skills. Increase in precision to support dealing with blockers.
DownsHer abilities are limited to ‘priest’ girls only.No no way of increasing her defenses.No control immunities.
Equipment SetupHp/ AtkCrit/Crit damage, Echoes, Judgement Sword
Squad SetupPut her with a good healer and damage dealer girls who can help her increase defense.
How to Defeat herMust have high armor than her and never have a Priest girl in your team.


A great damage dealer in-house Monster.

UpsDeal massive damage by her multiple stacks of bleeding and DoT increase. Can main multiple stacks.
DownsHer base Hp is lower than average.
Equipment SetupThorns Hearts, Fusion Umbrella
Squad SetupPut her with girls who can do different types of DoT damage.
How to Defeat herUse crowd controlling on her.


A crowd controller and DoT dealer from house Fairy.

UpsGreat crowd controller.Support damage dealers by allowing them to attack when the enemy is crystallized.
DownsNo crowd resistance.Not good with instant damage.
Equipment SetupFate Crystal, Fusion Umbrella
Squad SetupPut her with girls that deal with damages
How to Defeat herYou should try to crowd control.

N-Gen Iron Fist

N-Gen Iron first is a damage dealer from the monster faction.

UpsGood addition to the stun-based team. She can trigger very useful skills once the enemy is stunned.
DownsSpeed is a bit lower than average. She might fail if the enemy had good control immunity.
Equipment SetupNeutron Blades, Thorns Heart
Squad SetupGood in a team with girls who can stun the enemy.
How to Defeat herTake her down little by little until she is below 50%, then one massive attack and done.


UpsGood for PvP situations.
DownsNo resistance to crowd control.
Equipment SetupBurning Blades, Queen Crown
Squad SetupWorks well with a good healer like Raphael.
How to Defeat herCrowd controlling works only if you reduce her abilities.


UpsA good variety of skills. Her defensive skills keep her alive in long fights.
DownsHer skills work better in PvP based.
Equipment SetupFate Crystal, Fusion Umbrella
Squad SetupPut her with girls who can take advantage of a stun.


A great defensive girl who can counterattack.

UpsA great frontlinerShe can “Chip away” damage at each enemy try to take her down.
DownsShe can’t use her counterattack if got stuck in crowd control.
Equipment SetupFusion Umbrella
Squad SetupPut her in front. Suitable for any teamUse with girls who can stun so she can take advantage of a 100% attack increase.
How to Defeat herUse girls having high attack percentage than her combined with a burning/poison girl.


A damage dealer from house Ghost.

UpsCan take down the whole team because of her healing ability. Stun and armor break can help induce more damage than others.
DownsNot build to take a lot of damage.
Equipment SetupThe Fusion Umbrella, The Bloody Rose
How to defeat herAvoid having mage girls in your team so she can’t take advantage of stun.