How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Gaming Channel

Being a YouTube content creator demands a lot of skills and dedication. A lot of people aim to become one, but very few succeed and make a name for themselves.

Excelling at a particular game and having countless hours of good content is very good for the channel. However, engaging the audience is the real challenge, and that is what keeps people coming back for more.

Transition, an essential part of video editing, appeals to the masses and singles out channels as good or bad. There are many more such components which need to be looked after.

A YouTube channel intro is a way of showing your identity in a stylised manner, which also delivers who you are and what you do. Other than being a crowd pleaser and a good player, it is essential to maintain your channel well, and a good intro is an integral part of the process.

What makes an intro good?

There are almost 2 billion YouTube watchers, streaming nearly a billion hour’s media every day on the platform. Therefore, the videos must be captivating, content-rich, and fun to watch.

The video must be different from the common ones on the same topic. The introduction must attract the viewer’s attention and gain their interest. The need to know more drives viewership and ensures success.

Good YouTubers add catchy and graphic-laden intros from right here to grow as a brand and ensure that their content resonates the same. The concept of creating an attractive intro might appear overwhelming. Therefore, there are several professional templates available for use to make an excellent intro for any YouTube channel.

Tips for making an intro

It is advised to keep the intro shorter than fifteen seconds as a longer introduction will distract the audience and delay the actual content. Videos that are at least two minutes long attract viewership, and this also gives the content creator enough time for a good intro and outro. Do not forget to mention your brand.

To catch the audience’s attention, the intro must be visually captivating and engaging for further content. Using short scenes, bright colours, and catchy music, all in average speed, is something found in popular videos.

For the convenience of the viewers, the intro must be clear and should have hints about the content. This will establish the interest of the viewer and ensure they watch the video till the end. The first few seconds are very crucial, which is why you must keep them engaging.

Avoid using unnecessary loud and different tones in the intro, this will establish your image in their brain.

Editing tips to keep in mind

It is time to edit the video after taking a look through the library of intro templates and finding a few that caught your attention.

If you need to swap out some text or take it further by combining and mixing scenes, sounds, and elements, all the models are super easy to customise.

Following are a few tips to guide you:

One of the keys to a winning YouTube intro is your brand’s identity. Even if your logo appears later in the video, getting on-brand colours makes you easily identifiable to your audience. Colour continuity in your YouTube channel should also be maintained. If the platform is trying to locate your videos in their search feed, it also makes it simpler for your viewers to find you.

A good introduction will provide the perfect start for the videos, and it is imperative to create an attractive one. Depend on the right software for such tasks. There are several YouTube intro makers which cost little to nothing and provide a host of features.

The moment you have finished editing, the models are ready to be uploaded to YouTube. We suggest that you use the trusty 16:9 aspect ratio to build your intro if you’re using different apps.

YouTube supports standard MP4 and MOV video formats, and you will be happy to know that your finished video can be up to 12 hours long if you want to make a video of titanic proportions.

Keeping the above-mentioned tips and tricks in mind, it is extremely essential to be able to choose the correct video editor for your gaming videos, in order to garner the highest viewership. For gaming as well as other associated videos, InVideo is among your best choices for video editing if you want to make a successful YouTube channel.

InVideo contains specialized tools that will enable you to make the best intro for every video that you post on YouTube, including templates, animations, and the ability to add objects and a text overlay.

These elements are often essential to any intro, and the InVideo intro maker performs extremely well when it comes to such tools. InVideo provides a large library for customization, be it text faces, objects, or templates, which allows you to make exactly the kind of video intro that you want without having to compromise on quality.

This personalization makes InVideo the intro maker of choice for thousands of YouTubers around the world. While there are thousands of intro makers and video editors across the internet, to get the best of both worlds in your YouTube video, InVideo is bound to be your best choice.


It is all about a few basics and some advanced skills, and you will have the intro you love. It is also advised to have an equally adorable outro video as it makes sure that the video ends on a good note with catchy music. Go to a search tool on the web and look for any intro maker you want to use and go crazy with its features.

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