Guide: How to Make Sure You Are Safe When Gaming on Your Phone

Gaming on our phones has become a part of many people’s daily lives, as it is an excellent way of finding entertainment as well as relaxing after a long and hectic day. We usually have our phones in our hands anyways, so why not play some games? The variety in these games is also broad and there are constantly new games being produced for iOS and Android. However, as more and more people game on their phones, most don’t consider the potential dangers that lurk in the corners. Are you safe when gaming? This article may help you protect yourself from any such threats.

Protecting Your Different Accounts 

If you are used to gaming quite a bit, then you can properly recognize the fact that you have multiple different gaming accounts with different passwords as well. Games have especially become popular on our phones, as it is possible to have almost any game available for iPhone and Android at this point.

However, there are a lot of hackers around, just waiting to strike. Just recently, there were quite a few cyber-attacks that targeted Apple users. When getting hacked, you can experience a leak of important and personal information, which is what most people fear. So, how do you avoid this? 

Use a Good Password Manager

For starters, it is always good to set strong passwords to each of your accounts on your phone, making sure that these passwords are unguessable. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to have a place to store these passwords, as it can be difficult to remember each one. Therefore, you might want to consider getting a Password Manager for your iPhone – if that’s the case, then you can find one here. This password manager makes sure to come up with strong passwords as well as store them safely, so you don’t have to remember all of them or worry about someone else getting access to them. 

There are also similar apps available on the play store for android devices. So we strongly recommend you use one.

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Finding Trustworthy Games

As mentioned above, there are many games to choose from when you want to play directly from your phone. However, just because a game is available, doesn’t mean that it is safe to play. You must read about it before downloading the game. Some games are easy to recognize as credible as they are well-known, such as playing PUBG, however, other games might not be as easy to identify.

Tips to Identify potentially unsafe games  

A lot of the games you should be particularly wary of are the ones that don’t have as many active players – as these can often have security breaches or faulty security measures that aren’t necessarily caught by the app store or google play store. Always make sure to read up on reviews or even dive into the technical information on each game before you start playing so you have a better understanding of whether or not the game might set you up for a nasty data leak down the line. Furthermore, lots of games today are clever in getting you to pay for them – so always pay attention when you’re entering personal information or credit card details. If you are unaware then you might end up typing in your information and getting charged monthly. 

Also, if you find a game that you’ve never heard of before and there aren’t any reviews yet, that should be something you should be concerned about. It doesn’t mean that the game isn’t trustworthy, however, this should make you think twice before trying it out. Being more aware will also improve safety when playing on your phone.

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