How to upgrade The Mining Profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft belongs to the list of the few MMOs that not only develop all the time but also offer the player alternative options for earning gold, spending their game time doing whatever they want, and do not push them to go only the way that was originally laid down by the developers.

You choose how to play – rush to get a level and sail away to the Dragon Islands, buy wow gold to give yourself a boost without too much grinding and go to look for and destroy enemies with the best equipment, or monotonously collect resources and strengthen the server’s economy and your capital while away from big battles.

If you like farming and grinding, then you will also like gathering professions – they are needed to provide artisans with all the necessary materials to create unique equipment and the best equipment on the server.

Let’s master the gathering profession. You can become such an artisan and independently extract the necessary resources, or remain a supplier and simply supply the necessary materials for other players, thereby earning gold.

You decide what style to play, and now let’s look at what mining is in World of Warcraft.

Basic information on the profession – Mining in World of Warcraft

Basic info on the Mining profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

To start work, you need to purchase a pickaxe, and you can start searching and processing ore deposits, which can be found on the game map under the emblem of the pickaxe.

The resources that you get can be used in blacksmithing and jewelry.

What has changed with the Mining profession in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

Since a series of past updates, including Shadowlands, brought a strong decline in interest in professions and an outflow of players to World of Warcraft, it was easier for them to knock out items in raids than to craft items, so the developers from Blizzard Entertainment seriously took up the revival of interest in professions in Dragonflight update.

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New Specialization Mechanic

Now every profession, regardless of its focus, has the opportunity to specialize and study in depth one of the chosen areas.

For mining, this is a great opportunity to extract more resources, increase the chances of finding rare minerals and speed up the process of their work.

In WoW a specialization is chosen and learned at profession level 25. The first levels will be obtained easily due to the knowledge of the dragons, but the next branches and talents will have to be obtained by quest systems and will take a lot of time.

New Equipment for Artisans and Gatherers

Equipment for Artisans and Gatherers in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Now in the World of Warcraft, representatives of professions also have their equipment, it is put on the character during work and removed upon completion, the main thing is that it be in the inventory.

An interesting feature is that no craftsman can make all three items of equipment on his own, the game mechanics are designed so that craftsmen interact with each other and order everything missing through a new order table, or buy at auction.

Items that will be useful to you in the processing of rocks

Draconite or Kazgurite Pick – gives an increase of 52 to a random parameter and increases the overall level of the profession by 6, or 10 units. Crafted by a blacksmithing master.

Bottomless Rockhide Ore Pouch – Increases your overall Accuracy by 44 and adds 6 Mining Profession points when equipped with a high-quality item. Items are crafted by a master engineer.

Explorer’s Dragonite or Kazgurite Helm – Increases dexterity and attentiveness parameters and gives an increase to mining mastery when equipped with a high-quality item. Created by a master engineer.

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Characteristics to pay attention to when developing a master of mining in World of Warcraft

In the Dragonflight update, all professions received special characteristics that can be developed and strengthened to gain advantages when working or mining.

Gathering and crafting professions will have different stats.

Types of characteristics for representatives of collective professions, including for masters of mining:

  • Accuracy – adds the ability to get more materials when processing ore rock.
  • Dexterity – speeds up the processing time of ore to obtain valuable minerals.
  • Mindfulness – gives a chance to get more rare and valuable items during the gathering.

Leveling the profession of mining in the update Dragonflight for World of Warcraft

The general pumping mechanism remains the same – you need to mine ore and increase the level of skills and mastery.

First of all, you need to get level 60 and sail to the Dragon Islands, where you will find the Embassy of the winged shelter and the NPC, which is responsible for pumping mining.

Leveling skills, as before, depending on the extraction of ore, and you will get the first 50 levels fairly quickly, but then the process will noticeably slow down.

How to earn good gold from mining ore in World of Warcraft

Mining is an integral part of extracting ore and gem resources for the blacksmithing and jewelry professions.

Simply put, artisans must either supply materials for the production of weapons, armor, and jewelry and attribute stones themselves or buy all the missing materials.

High-quality resources are especially valued – they significantly increase the likelihood of creating an item of exceptional quality.

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With the release of Dragonflight and the creation of an order table – where each player can order the production of items simply by applying the necessary resources and a reward in the form of gold, the popularity and demand for all professions related to the supply of resources has increased again. Players are willing to pay gold in order not to collect materials on their own.

You can go further and learn a second profession such as gathering herbs. This is a combination of collective skills that do not interfere, with but rather complement each other.

By combining talents, you will be able to collect herbs without dismounting from a mount and collect them while moving from one rock formation to another.

Herbs and plants, especially those of high quality, are prized by alchemists and first aid crafters.

Alchemists create potions of different directions – attacking and defensive, and first aid masters create antidotes and bandages that stop bleeding.

By combining efforts to collect resources for two types of artisans at once, you can earn good gold and gradually invest it in equipment for practicing professions. Let me remind you that items will be put on independently regardless of the type of craft and removed upon completion of work.

Also, don’t forget to take as large bags as possible with you so that you can farm for as long as possible, and not run to the city every 10 minutes to turn in resources. Invest in bags and inventory expansion as soon as possible.

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