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Lost ark is fun after you reach the endgame. You open up endless fun and huge reward-yielding opportunities after level 50 like Chaos dungeons, Abyss dungeons, and Guardian raids.

You can also have more than one character to play with. Of course, you have to level them up to level 50 to enjoy the endgame content. You can do this manually or you can use shortcut methods like Knowledge transfer.

If you have reached level 50 with your main character and want to boost your alt characters to the same level, then this guide is going to help you with the same.

In this guide, I’m going to explain what knowledge transfer is, how it works, and how you can make it work to your fullest advantage. So without further ado, let’s start unfolding the mystery.

Starting with the very first and most important question…

What is Knowledge transfer in Lost Ark?

What is Knowledge transfer in Lost Ark

Knowledge transfer is a system found in the endgame that allows characters to automatically level up as they progress through the primary story quests. Unlocking it requires you to have done the entire leveling story, reached the end game, and, allow me to assume, also finished the shoeshire story in the north.

After that, you will have to complete certain guide tasks on your personal island to open up a new screen in your housing plot. From this point on, you select an already formed character with a low level, pay gold, and the game will automatically level that character up for you as you progress through the campaign.

Assuming that our settings and values are the same as those used by the Korean client, it will cost 600 gold and take 8 hours for an additional character to be automatically leveled up to the end game.

You can transfer everything to your alt including engravings and recipes. So if you haven’t got enough of them, Lost ark Engravings guide will help you get them all.

Enough with the briefing, let’s crack the code of how you can actually do a knowledge transfer on your Characters.

How to do a knowledge transfer in Lost Ark?

So now that we know what knowledge transfer is and how it can be helpful to you. Let’s check how you can perform the actual transfer.

Now the first step with the knowledge transfer is of course to create a new hero/character.

Once you get your character created and named, pop on in and skip through all of the beginning stuff no need to go through the story or any of the tutorials or anything since you’ve already done it before.

How to do a knowledge transfer in Lost Ark

After creating your character and choosing your class you’re going to want to go ahead and start through the main story quest line. The objective here is we have to get to our stronghold and we’re going to be able to get that available very quickly, within like 10 minutes 15 at absolute tops.

But just go through the main story and skip all of the side quests. No need to do anything except those first few story quests.

After you go through just the first couple of main story quests in pride home you’re going to get the quest legends and fairy tales. This is going to be the look for bard sierra at the small plaza.

Bart sierra, of course, is going to give us access to our first song which also is just going to unlock our songs in general and the sheet music so we can get over to the stronghold itself.

After unlocking the song of escape we can then just hit ‘f2’ and go directly to the stronghold.

Once we’re at the stronghold we can then head over to knowledge and depending on your main character and how far they’ve progressed will depend on which unlock you can do.

The regular power pass flavored unlock is going to be the north Vern, it’s going to cost 600 gold, and depending on how far you want to progress the cost of the Lost Ark gold will go up.

Lost Ark

Note: You will have to be two levels ahead. So you will not be able to get your character up to, say, faten or yorn until your main is level 52.

However, north Vern is going to be available right away and this is basically the same thing as the power pass. However, it is going to cost you 600 gold.

So all you have to do is to hit knowledge transfer, go through the confirmations, and then

sit and wait. It’s gonna take eight hours to get this done and after eight hours we’re gonna then return back to the stronghold on the character that’s being leveled.

After the character gets leveled up you will get reloaded to the chamber of mind which will instill the knowledge transfer. The chamber will give you a brief scene after the completion of the process.

That’s the whole process of knowledge transfer in the lost ark.

How to boost your Alt with Knowledge Transfer?

How to boost your Alt with Knowledge Transfer

Well, now that you have a strong hold over the knowledge transfer process, let’s see how you can use that to boost all your alts with it.

The process is the same in every case be it your alt or your main character. So I’m not gonna get into that again. But I’ll touch down some important things that you need to know while leveling your alts.

First, and the most important thing is that you won’t be able to complete side quests in knowledge transfers. You have to do them manually. Knowledge transfer will only land you at North Vern.

If you want to go to some other level below 50, then you can also choose to do that in knowledge transfer.

Another important thing is you need to bring the class specifically to the Stronghold island which you want to boost up. You only get to do knowledge transfer 9 times during your gameplay.

Alright. Now comes a critical question…

Is Knowledge Transfer worth it?

I guess you might be pondering whether or not this endeavor is worthwhile. Whether you should be doing Knowledge transfers at all? Is six hundred gold too much to ask for?

It might appear that way at first, especially if you only have a few hundred golds to your name when you first start off. However, when viewed in the context of everything else, this is absolutely necessary and worthwhile.

It will save you anywhere from ten to fifteen hours of time in the real world, and then you’ll be able to use that second character to speed up your advancement and earn more gold in Return. 

This is an excellent technique to obtain a couple of more characters into the end game without having to level through the entire tale again on each of them individually. The process of potentially exhausting yourself to get an alt into the end game just became quite convenient.

Knowledge Transfer vs PowerPass

Knowledge Transfer vs PowerPass

There’s a slight bit of confusion among the players as to which method should you pick up to boost your Alt characters to higher levels. While both knowledge transfer and power pass do the same job, some minute differences differentiate them apart.

Knowledge transfer requires 600 gold coins to take your Alt character to North Vern and it takes 8 real-time hours to complete. The only downside of Knowledge transfer is that it only takes your character to higher levels, it doesn’t complete all the side quests.

Power pass, on other hand, is a paid boost to your character that immediately (The keyword is ‘Immediately’) takes your alt character to level 50 with all the side quests completed and with absolutely zero cost whatsoever.

There’s a freedom of choice in the Knowledge transfer method about on which level you want to take your alt character. But, in Power pass, you don’t get much choice. Your Alt character will be taken straight to North Vern.

Lost Ark Characters

You can do knowledge transfer up to 9 times at max in your account. But, you only get to use power pass twice during your whole gameplay. Which makes it necessary that you think thoroughly before making the decision.

My advice would be to use all your knowledge transfer first and keep your power pass for the end. Paying gold won’t hurt you much in Knowledge transfer especially if you don’t want to miss out on anything. Once you feel like you’ve had enough, you can use your power pass to level up your remaining alts.


That was your in-depth guide on Knowledge transfer. Hope you found what you were looking for in this guide. Also, if you have done some knowledge transfers and want to upgrade your remaining alts quickly, then the lost ark powerpass guide from SSEGold is going to help you with that.

Share this guide with your friends or with whom you think needs this. Thanks for reading out so patiently. I’ll see you in another such lost ark guide. Good bye.

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