RuneScape Ironman Mode | A Brief Introduction to Game

Here is a brief introduction to the RuneScape Ironman mode and a few things that you should expect from the developers in the near future.

From the very beginning, RuneScape has seen a variety of different account builds. In 2014, a YouTuber named “b0aty” began a series on YouTube called “One Man Army”. He set restrictions on his account that he had to obey.

These rules consisted of the following: no trading, no using the grand exchange, and all items had to be acquired by skilling or killing monsters.

Jagex noticed the brilliant idea of b0aty’s series and they decided to make it an account type that players could choose when creating a new account.

Since then the Ironman Mode has become widely popular over the past few years.

Ironman players are required to be –

  1. 100% self-sufficient because they have to get every material themselves.
  2. Have to commit themselves to grinds that can last from days to months to complete.

Achieving 99’s or maxing on an Ironman account takes significantly longer because they have to get their materials self-sufficiently. The restrictions on these accounts turn many players away from the account type. Ironman player goals are different from normal account types.

For example, ironman players need to get 80 crafting before they can craft an Amulet of Glory, whereas normal accounts can simply buy it for as little as 12,000 coins.

Ironman Mode

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Hardcore Ironmen have similar rules as the normal Ironmen do but, if they die, they lose their place on a leaderboard and they lose their hardcore status. They then revert to normal Ironmen.

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Whereas, the Ultimate Ironmen cannot use banks at all. Some Ironman players think that they are better players than normal players, because of their restrictions. Ironmen players cannot get drops from monsters that have taken damage from other players.

RuneScape Ironman Mode Update


The developers of the game have confirmed that a fourth Ironman game mode is coming to the game. The fourth game mode is called Group Ironman.

As the name suggests the group Ironman consists of a group playing the Ironman game mode. Players inside a group can trade each other items and help each other with monster kills. The game mode has been very well received. The mode is set to release in early-mid 2021.


In recent years, players have been making Ironmen with even more restrictions. These kinds of accounts have taken streams and videos by storm. There have been Clue Scroll Only, PvP World Only, and 10 HP Only Ironmen accounts, which have gotten more popular over the years.

Overall, RuneScape Ironman Mode is very well received. Ironman mode players are usually looked up to and they are usually glorified by others. This mode has seen a massive spike in popularity. Grinds that Ironmen must go through are usually bizarre compared to “normal” methods that regular accounts use.

RuneScape  A Introduction to Ironman Mode
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