Spacebar Counter – A Way to Become an Effective Gamer

The Spacebar is the largest key on your keyboard. It is a horizontal key and is used for many purposes. You can calculate and measure your spacebar speed. The better you perform, the more speed you gain. This matters the most when it comes to gaming. There are two things in this game, your number of clicks and the timer. 

When you start the spacebar counter game, then time ends, and your data is stored. This allows you to see the performance that helps you do better against yourself and other people to improve your speed.”

Moreover, this spacebar counter provides you with many time intervals. This feature is of great importance because when you do this for various durations, you will enhance your performance for longer and shorter time intervals.


The game will start as you click on the start button. When you press your space bar for the first time, your time will start. You have to click as much as you can before you run out of time. 

There are different time intervals for you, and a time interval of 5 seconds is thought to be the best as when you go for a longer period, your hand will get tired, and your speed will slow down. So, the time interval in starting is the best choice. 

CPS Test – The Best Training Platform

CPS Test is a miracle for those who want to enhance their space bar speed for gaming. In most shooting or action games, as in Minecraft, Counter-strike, Call of Duty, and many other such games, your speed matters the most. If you cannot attack faster, your rival will win. 

The concept is simple, if you cannot kill or shoot faster, you are about to lose. A good and effective gamer always keeps these things in his mind. 

The Way Spacebar Counter Works

This game has a short time interval which can be changed in the menu according to your choice. You can go for a longer time interval. The overall concept of this game is very easy, but not the game itself. You have to be very responsive when you have started your game. You need to press the space bar key as much as you can before your time elapses. 

Furthermore, you can start this test as many times as you want. You can start over and over again, and track your performance. This lets you challenge yourself, your friends, or other users. You could make your game difficult by changing settings in the menu.

Many games require much stamina, and some other games require you to be responding in fractions of a second. You could respond on time, and play better only when your speed is fast enough to encounter the attack. In this way, you can train your mind for different time levels by setting different and difficult time levels per the needs of a game.

The Reason to Choose CPS Test’s Spacebar Counter

The computer keyboard along with the mouse is the most commonly used device. For an ordinary person, the space bar speed does not matter much, but gamers do know its importance in their gaming. Many games are completely based on your speed, the faster you can press your space bar key, the better you will play. 

You will develop skills in you within four weeks, and this practice could lead you to become an expert. There is a world record, mentioned by WHO, of 116 space bar clicks in 10 seconds. Try to stay busy to break this record, and you could invite your friends to play with you. 


CPS Test is the best platform to elevate your gaming level. Everyone knows that gaming is all about being responsive. The faster you can respond, the better you will play. Better speed leads to better gaming, which in turn makes you a winner. So, it’s all about how faster you can play a game. 

Some games even want your response in fractions. Keeping this all in mind, CPS Test is the most recommended platform, and you could just enhance your gaming level. You will see a visible evaluation in just a month. 

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