Idle Heroes Codes January 2022

Looking for Idle Heroes Codes? You are in luck! Here in this article, we have gathered all the latest Idle Heroes Redeem Codes!

Idle Heroes is an RPG game, where the users control a group of heroes who must fight against evil.

The players must equip these heroes with high-level items and must upgrade the skills of these heroes from time to time to remain the most powerful ones.

Idle Heroes is developed by DHGames. The main mission of a player in this game is to raise a team of heroes and make them capable enough to fight other such teams by constantly upgrading them with the help of rewards received and available resources. There are more than 200 heroes for you to choose from and make an ultimately invincible team.

This game is a mobile game and is available on both android and ios. It was a huge hit when it was released in 2016 and remains one of the most favorite games among youngsters.

To get a better understanding of the game please refer to – Idle Heroes Wiki

Like many other games, the developers of Idle Heroes also occasionally release redeem codes or gift codes which when used, provide the user with free goodies!

Idle Heroes codes can be released anywhere from the developer’s social media platform, their official website to an associate gaming website and are hence hard to find.

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Like other games, Idle Heroes contains some in-game items, which are rare, exotic, and hard to acquire in the game. These items can be diamonds, costumes, heroic summon scrolls, and gems. 

So, the developers of the game (DHGames), have decided to release some gift codes or redeem codes which will help the players receive some of the above-mentioned rare items.

Active Idle Heroes Codes January 2022

Idle Heroes codes

IHJAN2022 – [Reward: 1000 gems and 10 heroic summon scrolls]

autumn2022 – [Reward: 700 gems and7 heroic summon scrolls]

IHOCT2022 – [Reward: 500 gems and 5 heroic summon scrolls ]

IH777 – [Reward: 50 summon scrolls (only for new players)

Old Idle Heroes codes:

SUMMER – [ Reward: 500 diamonds and 5 heroic summon scrolls ]

SUMMERPARTY – [ 500 diamonds and 5 heroic summon scrolls ]

IHSEPT2021 – [ 1000 diamonds and 10 heroic summon scrolls ]

IHAUG2021 – [ 500 gems and 5 heroic summon scrolls ]

How to Find Idle Heroes Codes?

idle heroes codes

Idle Heroes Redeem codes are generally released by the developers on their official website or any social media platform. Sometimes, they release them on random gaming websites without any prior notice. Hence, for a player to lay hands on these codes, they must search all the internet. 

To avoid all the confusion and save your time, we at Shadow Knight Gaming will provide you gamers with all the latest redeem codes released by the developers all in one place – our website!

We will also update the list of codes from time to time and keep adding new codes as and when they are released.

How to Redeem Idle Heroes Codes? 

Claiming the redeem codes in Idle Heroes is pretty easy and quick. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below to redeem the codes-

  1. Open the game (0bviously!)
  2. Go to the “Cool Events” Menu present in the top right corner of the lobby on the home screen. Cool Events
  3. Go to the “Exchange gifts” section
  4. Enter the desired code and press exchange to receive your freebies!idle heroes codes
  5. You can find your gifts in your in-game mail.

 NOTE – Make sure you type the code as it is to avoid any errors.

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  1. When were the latest redeem codes for Idle Heroes released?

    The latest codes so far have been released in November.

  2. What type of game is Idle Heroes?

    Idle Hero is an auto-battle RPG and strategic game.

  3. What is the best place to find Idle Heroes redeem codes?

    Games social media or official site. But you can find all active codes at Shadow Knight