Illusion Connect Tier List June 2024 – Best Characters

The Illusion connect Tier List Ranks all the best characters in the game in different Character roles and grades them according to their overall performance in the game.

Everyone likes to have a head start in any game we play. Being a gamer myself I know that feeling and that’s why we decided to create the Illusion Connect tier list for the players.

This Illusion Connect Tier List can help you and you can also easily decide for choosing the best character that suits you the most.

Understanding Illusion Connect Tier List

Understanding Illusion Connect Tier List

Now before we start, all those tier lists which we have mentioned below were totally based on my gameplay experience and I can assure you that it’s going to give a very good head start to a newbie (and to any other player for that matter) and will help them choose a powerful lineup to defeat other players, nightmare and the bosses.

As we all know the importance of a tier list for any game and having the best lineup in Illusion Connect is a must.

The tier list that we have made is divided into 7 different character roles(Attackers, Sorcerers, Guardian, Healers, Summoners, and Spell characters) and each of the roles is divided into five different tier lists.

These Tiers are namely – A, B, C, D, and E, where tier S is the most powerful character and tier E the worst one. So, without wasting any single minute let’s get started.

To get an overall understanding of the game, check out – Illusion Connect Wiki

Best Attackers in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Silver Dragon Rie

Firstly, we are going to talk about the Attack characters of this game. All the characters which are mentioned below can be said as best for the Nightmare Hunter Leader. All the attacker’s characters are ranked from best to worst.

SSilver Dragon, Saya, Kichou
ARem, Hersey, Gemmy, Mak
BAsque, Yume, Muneharu
CGraye, Pan, Haruka, Ophelia, Edward
DGigi, Lunar, Abby
EMei, Carol, Mia, Penny

Best Sorcerers in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Nicola

Sorcerers are the characters which were known as the best units in this game.

SNicola, Hachi Shiki, Dawnbreak, Twin Flora
ARam, Chaturaji, Heidi, Fenebeth, Rotania, Yuffie
BNefir, Nina, Natata, Elena
CMavis, Rie
DMary, Emma

Best Guardians in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Angela and Kiraya

Now let’s have a look at the best Guardians in the game.

AKiraya, Selena, Sakai
BBarinas, Camille, Grant
CVictoria, Annie, Berial, Domessa
DSachiko, Yasmine, Shanti, Ludwig
EBontenmaru, Loro

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Best Healers in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Meck

We don’t have that many healers in Illusion Connect. As healers, Anna and Diana were the only two extremely powerful ones.

SHank, Meck, Campanella, Diana, Jason, Anna, Ming
AEmilia, Bonnie, Shane
CJunko Konno
DJasmine, Lily

Best Summoners in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Gagaku and Anna

At the time if you have the right team then the Summoners can become very much extremely powerful.

SAnnis Dora, Ashwaya, Silhouette – Hersey
BThe Enforcers, Sonia, Frantiva
CRubi, Senkikumaru

Best Light Partners in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Phoebe

In this game, Light characters typically aren’t that much strong, but yes they mostly focus on buffing the other partners. Light characters can provide crowd control, buffs, invulnerability, and all sorts of stuff in order to make the team stronger.

AVivian, Ion, Jane, Agnis
BCharlotte, Amon, Averyl
CBrooke, Eileen, Cubie, Kristine
DAlice, Okuni, Rynda

Best Spell Characters in Illusion Connect

Illusion connect Miyuki

As same as the light characters, All the spell characters which were mentioned below were the ones that feature a lot of crowd control, can inflict negative status, or can remove them.

SMiyuki, Seeger, Sophie
DSakura Minamoto
EBeatrice, Nanalie

That all concludes our tier list for Illusion Connect!

We hope that this tier list will help you to get the most powerful character that suits you, as we have divided all characters into different roles and all the roles with different tier lists for an easier understanding.

Happy Gaming!


Who is the best character in Illusion Connect?

All the characters that you can find in tier S above were known as the most powerful characters, which is – Miyuki, Seeger, Sophie, Phoebe, Annis Dora, Ashwaya, Silhouette – Hersey, Kasumi, Silver Dragon – Rie, Saya, Kichou, Divine Melody – Beatrice, Yuffie, Nicola, Hachi Shiki, Dawnbreak – Rikia, Twin Flora, Angela Hank, Meck, Campanella, Diana (Awakening, otherwise she’s A-tier), Jason, Anna, Ming.

What time does Illusion Connect reset?

Every day starting from 5 am reset the time of your regional server.

Is Maki good at Illusion Connect?

The character Maki can be a good pick for you. The reason behind it is passive and unique passive. combat passive of maki is when the maki dies 220% ATK dmg is dealt with the enemy leader.

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