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Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style multiplayer strategy game. As a wily lord, you must defend Norheim from invading gnomes while keeping yourself safe from other players.

Infinity Kingdom is a game for Android that was released on January 27th, 2021 from the company YOUZU (SINGAPORE) PTE.LTD. In the game, you will go toe-to-toe against an army of evil Gnomes who are bent on claiming the World Heart and its powerful energy. Your job will be to stop them and to continuously expand your empire while sieging and capturing new lands.

Game Information

Game NameInfinity Kingdom
Platform(s)Android, iOS, PC



Three years ago, the gnomes shattered the northern line of defense and led their mechanical army into battle. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance as tens of thousands of cities fall. As a wily lord, you must defend Norheim from invading gnomes while keeping yourself safe from other players. Immortals are now gathering under your banner. They are now ready to lead your fearsome troops into battle!  Now you must ward off enemies and restore peace to this land.

The Gnomes have ravaged cities like locusts, and our people desperately need your help! The alchemists are willing to help restore the City so that the people can seek refuge there. Defeat the enemies by rebuilding the city, growing faster, building faster, and training faster!

More than 50 powerful Immortals are representing various civilizations that stand ready to help humanity. The Sage Council grants you the right to summon the Immortals at the Hall of Immortals via the Philosopher’s Stone. The Immortals will fight for your cause with their immense power. You have assembled your forces, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Merlin, and Robin Hood! Your soldiers are ready to fight for you so that you can expel your enemies, save the world, or complete a PVE campaign.

There are also 7 types of elemental dragons that live in a mysterious dragon cave. Only the bravest warriors can awaken them. You must be the warrior. The dragons you raise will become fierce fighters! Assign your dragon with the same element as the element Immortals, and the exclusive buffs of elemental units will activate for you during battle! Customize your perfect team, sharpen your strategies!

The elemental units in battle seem invincible, but the best combinations are yet to be found! Consider all of the attributes and elemental buffs your units cover, assign powerful Immortals with dragons, show your enemies who is the king!

Explore Norheim’s ruins to learn about its history! On the World Map, there will be several Ruins. Scouts can investigate them to gain Stele Shards, which can be used in your territory’s Monuments to reveal pieces of Norheim’s history. Your quest will also reward you with a wealth of rewards!

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Infinity Kingdom Immortals List

Infinity Kingdom Immortals List

The game among the immortals has its own hierarchy, which divides them into several types: Regular, Unusual, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

  • Alexander the Great, Conqueror of the World
  • Atilla the Hun, Scourge of God
  • Baldwin IV, Leper King
  • Ashoka, Buddhist King
  • Arminius, First German Hero
  • Boudica, Queen of the New Nation
  • Gaius Marius, Artistic Warrior
  • Isabella of Castile, Great Founder
  • Spartacus, Rebel Gladiator
  • William Wallace, Champion of Freedom
  • Brynhild, Great Conqueress
  • Harald III, Hard Ruler
  • Helen of Troy, Renowned Beauty
  • Moctezuma I, The Angry Lord
  • Himiko, Shamaness-queen of Yamatai
  • Medb, Queen of Brutality
  • Yoshitsune, Legendary Samurai Commander
  • Merlin, The Great Wizard
  • Julius Caesar, Roman Dictator

Infinity Kingdom Dragons List

infinity kingdom Dragons

Currently, there are 7 different types of dragons in the game, each of them has its unique ability and strength:

  • Water Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon
  • Earth Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Wind Dragon
  • Holy Dragon
  • Shadow Dragon