Love Nikki Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the Fun fashion styling Role Playing game- Love Nikki and you are struggling to reach a higher level and high grader stylist – then you are at the perfect place. 

Today we bring you a complete Love Nikki Beginner’s Guide!

This guide can help you to get familiar with Love Nikki followed by tips that are easy to understand and perfect for any newbie to the game.

These tips and tricks will help you to go further into the game smoothly and swiftly. You can earn rewards and unlock suits. Go through this guide to get familiar with the game and achieve something new every day.

Love Nikki Account

You can log in to Love Nikki in two ways – With a Guest Account and with a Facebook Account.

Guest Account

If you wish to use a Guest Account to login into Love Nikki, you don’t need to enter any password, you can simply click on the Guest option and enter into Love Nikki’s world.

But this Account has some restrictions in comparison to the Facebook-linked Love Nikki Account. One can not transfer the progress to another device, one may lose all the progress if the game gets uninstalled or updated. One doesn’t have a friend list, so stamina can not be exchanged.

Facebook Linked Account

You can link your Love Nikki to Facebook by logging in again from the start or converting the existing guest account to Facebook linked.

There are many advantages to the Facebook-linked Love Nikki account. All the restrictions of Guest Account are offered here in addition to the Pink Wishes Suite. A person would never lose progress if the account is linked to Facebook.

Basic Navigation/ Layout of Love Nikki Dress up Queen

Login Screen

Love Nikki Login Screen

After logging in, Love Nikki will start by touching a few times. Tapping settings will get you to this screen.


Love Nikki settings screen

Home screen

Love Nikki home screen

This screen shows Love Nikki’s arena. 

  • The stamina, gold and diamonds and you can simply add more by (+) button. 
  • Then on the left there is your profile icon. You can edit your profile like nickname or avatar and can also redeem your Love Nikki codes.  
  • Then below it is the Momo guide which tells you the missing things for the new target suit.
  • Daily Quest: There you can see the tasks to be done for each day, and the reward you will be earning after completing them. The tasks don’t change daily. (Remember your VIP gift boxes and Monthly Card rewards also need to be claimed here.)
  • Event Menu: New events can be seen here, you should check it daily.
  • One Dollar sale: It is a small package that can be bought from out-game money and the items change daily.
  • Bind Account to Facebook- To secure your progress.
  • Start Journey will start the game.
  • Server time is the time of the server while you are playing Love Nikki.

Map Screen 

Love Nikki Map screen

Different Love Nikki in-game modes

1. Journey

The journey shows the main chapter of Love Nikki’s Adventure. Few particular achievements can be achieved only after completing different stages and this is the place that shows those chapters which are crucial for gameplay.

General Information

There are 2 kinds of difficulties- Maiden and Princess.

  1. Princess levels are unlocked after Chapter-3, till then there are Maiden levels
  2. Princess levels can be attempted 3 times each day but can be increased by using Diamonds

There are 2 kinds of quests- Main and side Quests.

  1. Side quests are available only after S ranking for the Main Quests in the particular chapter
  2. The letter “S” represents the side quest and if the main quest is 2+1 then +1 is S i.e. side quest.

The order of ranks are – S>A>B>C>F

Start Story

  • Momo’s tips: This feature if very affecting and tells which dresses should be next target to win the quests or reach Rank S. Princess levels don’t have this button.
  • Possible drops: Every stage drops some clothes. There are 2 kind of drops: Ordinary and Ranking S. Rank F doesn’t have any drops, Rank A,B and C has ordinary drops and Rank S has S ranking drop. 
  • Done option: It appears after A or S rank which does the stage automatically. After V4 and above  “Done 10” option appears.

Dressing For Quests

You can tap on the right side to choose a dress for yourself. Keep switching till you look great. 

Also, make sure, you are wearing a dress or a top or a lower before clicking on “Get Dressed”.

Target Suits

These are those certain suits which are needed to be crafted to complete a chapter or to win a styling battle. 

2. Stylist’s Arena

Love Nikki stylists arena

It is located on the top-left building on the starting map. This is where Nikki competes in 1v1 in styling battles with other players or NPCs. It gets unlocked after completing V1: 2-5 Lisa’s Casual Clothing (Maiden).

There are different Graded stylists

  • Intern stylist
  • Assistant stylist
  • Senior stylist
  • Expert stylist Consellor
  • Queen of stylist


Rewards for Stylists go like this-

Love Nikki stylist grade rewards

Ranking Rewards

After completing each season, the top 20 players are given rewards

Love Nikki stylist grade ranking rewards


There are various themes available for Styling Arena in Love Nikki.

3. Competition

This is a competition between the players of the whole server of Love Nikki, based on a given theme. The theme changes every 4 days. At the end of every chapter, players get Crystal Roses, Gold, and Diamond depending on the player’s rank.


Free Dressing

Free Dressing is where players dress Nikki as they like. They can become their Avatar.

Recipe Workshop

Recipe Workshop allows players to customize, craft, evolve, decompose, or reconstruct clothing for Nikki (themselves).


Home allows players to design their own customized design for houses for Nikki. These are only for decoration and do not play any role in Love Nikki gameplay. They unlock after completing V1: 4-1 Rainy Seashore City in Maiden.

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver is located beneath the Styling Association on the main map. It gives the experience of stories that elaborated more on different characters. It is unlocked after completing V1: 1-5 Bookish Girl Timi (3) (Maiden).


It needs out-game money to buy in-game stuff, mostly diamonds, and VIP EXP.

10 Tips for Beginners – Love Nikki

10 Tips for Beginners
  1. Complete Your Daily Tasks 

There are tasks that you need to complete on a regular basis to keep the progress on track. The tasks are simple, such as – Complete any achievement for 1 time, Give your friends hearts 5 times, or Complete recipe crafting for 1 item and usually take 5-15 minutes.

You can find the daily tasks on the right side of the screen while in town view under the Quest menu.

  1. Track Your Outfits 

You can put on whatever clothes you like but sometimes, you need to study which of them will work best for chapters, arenas, and special events.

  1. Don’t Shop Just Yet

There are a lot of currencies in Love Nikki which can help you to buy outfits in the game but you need to keep some things in your mind before going on a shopping spree. Do you really need that outfit? Are there any ongoing events?  Because during events you need your currencies for winning them. 

  1. Choose The Weak Opponent 

The winning trick to success in the arena is to be a bully. Never pick a person you think you can’t beat.

  1. Don’t forget to Share with Your Friends 

After linking your account to Facebook, you can share your achievements on Facebook plus you can also share new outfits, achievements, and screenshots. It is also a part of daily quests.

  1. Association coins are precious 

The most fun thing about Love Nikki is, you can dye your outfits into any color you like. But dyes are costly and Association coins can help you with them.

  1. Look for the Gift Box 

New Players often forget to collect the reward from the small gift box. You just have to click on them and receive a reward. You can collect all of them at once after finishing the voting.

  1. Listen to Momo 

Momo’s advice always helps to reach rank S. She always knows which dresses can help you succeed.

  1. Craft only what you need 

Crafting uses up a lot of resources and all the resources are limited in the starting stages so you should make sure that you only craft what you need.

  1. Get Stamina from friends. 

(Each friend can send 2 stamina per day and if you have a lot of friends, you can earn 50 additional stamina per day.)

Bonus Tip

If you are lucky, you can get free rewards in the game using Love Nikki redeem codes. Check out this article to find out more.

Love Nikki Community

Love Nikki also has a number of great communities where players discuss and share various tips. Apart from that, some players have created detailed documents regarding the same. Here are a few of them.

If you ever feel stuck be sure to check them out.

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