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Magnum Quest is an immersive Fantasy 3D Mobile Idle-RPG game developed by Tuyoo Games. The game takes place in a fictional world known as the Armuda continent.

In the game, you take on the role of a wise master, summoning heroes from the game’s Six fractions fighting AI as well as real players for the goal of becoming the strongest.

Magnum Quest is free to play. However, like most mobile games these days, have in-game purchases that provide players with new characters, weapons, and other resources.

The game was first released for android in April 2020 and has recently made its way to iOS AppStore. Magnum Quest has received much praise for its stunning visual and smooth gameplay.

Game Information

Name of The GameMagnum Quest
PublisherTuyoo Games
DeveloperTuyoo Games
PlatformsiOS, Android
Release DateApril 2020 (android)
August 2021 (iOS)

Magnum Quest – Gameplay

Magnum Quest Gameplay

Magnum Quest Takes place in the fantasy world of Armuda continent. Players take on the role of a wise master. In your adventure through the uncharted world of Armuda continent, you summon legendry heroes making a team of 5 worriers and strategies to – take on your enemies.

In Magnum Quest, all the heroes are divided into 6 factions. Each hero has their own unique stories and skills sets, such as shield, taunt, leech, freeze, repel, and stun.

If you have at least three members of the same faction, then the team receives an additional attack and health buff (More on that later). Each faction is stronger against some and weak against others. You can check it by taping the faction banner in the hero stats window.

Initially, you start with the default heroes but much like many RPG games, there are a ton of characters to choose from. You can get new heroes by summoning them using Soul dices. Each character has a base rarity such as bronze, Silver, and Gold. However, they can be further ascended.

It is essential to know the pros and cons of every character that you recruit to your team.

Each time you defeat an opponent and win a battle, you’ll receive different types of resources. Utilize them effectively to aid in-game progression by upgrading your heroes with gears, enchantment by ascending them.

There are a ton of activities in the game and a handful of game modes such as – Adventure storyline, Hero trials, Dungeon conquest, Roguelike combat, Raids, Arenas.

Additionally, players can also join Guilds, where they engage in mutual battles with Guild Bosses to earn advanced rewards.

In Magnum Quest, 2 main currencies in the game – Gold that is fairly easy to get and premium currency like Dragon Shards that you will have to spend real money to buy. However, even if you are a f2p player you can still get a fair amount of dragon shards through daily activities, quests, special events, or by using magnum quest redeem codes.

Magnum Quest Factions

Magnum Quest factions

There are 6 factions in the game. They are as follows

  1. Fortress
  2. Forest
  3. Wild
  4. Shadow
  5. Divine
  6. Abyss

Magnum Quest Factional bonus

If you pair at least 3 characters from the same faction in your team all the units get additional attack and health buffs. Here are the attack and health you get for different combinations.

3 Heroes the same factions 10% attack buff + 10% health buff
3 Heroes of the same faction and 2 Heroes of another faction15% Attack buff +15% health buff
4 Heros of any action15% Attack buff + 30% Health buff
All 5 Heroes from the same Faction25% Attack + 25% Health buff

Magnum Quest Best Heroes

There are many heroes to choose from. Naturally, there are several combinations of heroes that a player can use. That being said below are 5 heroes that we as well as many veteran players recommend.

ARES | best magnum quest heroes
Faction: Wild

Faction: Fortress
Faction: Forest
Faction: Divinity
Merialeth Faction: Shadow

A detailed Tier List will be added shortly.