MapleStory Training and Leveling Guide 2024

MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG). It is free to play and available on various platforms. Even after completing two decades since the release of the Korean Version, this game is still one of the most popular in its genre of all time.

The game has an immense number of monsters around every corner with multiple lands and dimensions to explore. There are lots of characters and customizations available for players.

Since it has numerous maps to explore and plenty of monsters to eliminate, as a beginner it becomes difficult to know the Best training locations to level up your characters. And that is where this guide will come as a savior and provide you with a complete Maplestory Leveling & Training Guide.

Regardless of which level you are currently in, this guide will surely help you out finding the best training spots.

If you are just starting out with the game check out MapleStory Wiki – A Complete Guide.

The difficulty of mobs on Reboot vs Normal servers

MapleStory  Guide

Mobs are stronger on the Reboot server in comparison to the normal server. That is why you might want to go to each training spot two to four levels later than the recommendation.

If you, however, have multiple characters on your account already providing you powerful link skills, boosts, and legion buffs, then you can follow then you’re good to go, and will require less alteration to follow this guide.

Furthermore, if you have tons of buffs from the onset on the regular servers and robust leveling items, you can go to the training spots few levels earlier.

How To Find Maps In MapleStory

Finding maps in Maplestory is a very simple task. If you are having trouble finding any map in the game, you can just open it by pressing W and look for the desired map in the search bar located at the top and then double click on the map.

Not all maps can be discovered by using this method. There are some secret maps in Maplestory that can only be found by following some unique instructions.

Maplestory Training & Levelling Guide

Levels 1-10: The Tutorial

At the start of the game, you’ll go through a training period which depends on the type of class you are using in the initial period of the game.

Therefore, there are no specific training spots from levels 1-10

The favorable way to get to level 10 is to simply follow tutorial quests.

As soon as you complete your job tutorial, you’ll be geared to level 10, and almost all the classes in the game automatically will get their levels fixed at 10.

Levels 10-30: First Job Advancement


  • Lvl 10-15: Henesys: Spore Hill
  • Lvl 15-23: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Lvl 23-30: Henesys: Golem’s Temple Entrance


  • Level 10: Green Mushroom
  • Level 15: Stone Golem
  • Level 19: Flaming Mixed Golem

Levels 30-60: Second Job Advancement

To quickly level up to 60 in MapleStory, you can complete two or three themed dungeons mentioned below :

  • Ellinel Fairy Academy
  • Gold Beach
  • Riena Strait
  • Elodin

Click on ‘Quest Notifier’ on the left side of your screen,’ to start with these Themed Dungeons.


  • Lvl 30-40: Savage Terminal: Shaded Dump Site
  • Lvl 40-45: East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
  • Lvl 45-55: Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land
  • Lvl 55-60: Excavation Site Military Camp 1


  • Lvl 30-45: Violent Clam Slimes
  • Lvl 45-50: Terrified Wild Boar
  • Lvl 50-60: Wild Boar

Levels 60-100: Third Job Advancement


  • Lvl 60-70: Excavation Site: Military Camp 1,Swamp: Silent Swamp
  • Lvl 70-75: Mushroom Castle, Orbis: Stairway to the Sky
  • Lvl 75-85: Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest, Ice Valley
  • Lvl 85-90: Magalia, Sunset Road: Sahel 2
  • Lvl 90-100: Ellin Forest, Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area B-3


  • Lvl 60-70: Copper Drake
  • Lvl 75-80: Luster Pixie
  • Lvl 85-90: White Fang
  • Lvl 90-100: Sand Rat, Scorpion

Levels 100-140: Fourth Job Advancement


  • Lvl 100-105: Leafre: West Leafre Forest
  • Lvl 105-110: Leafre: Sky Nest II
  • Lvl 110-120: Ludibrium: Toy Factory – Apparatus Room
  • Lvl 120-135: Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance
  • Lvl 135-140: El Nath: The Cave of Trials III


  • Lvl 100-105: Rash
  • Lvl 105-120: Robo
  • Lvl 120-130: Moon Bunny or Thanatos
  • Lvl 135-140: Dual Ghost Pirate

Levels 140-200: Fourth Job Advancement (Hyper Skills)


  • Lvl 140-150: Korean Folk Town: Goblin House
  • Lvl 150-170: Kerning Tower, Kerning Tower: 3F Arts & Entertainment Shops
  • Lvl 170-180: Omega Sector, Inside the Mothership: Corridor 202
  • Lvl 180-190: Twilight Perion: Deserted Southern Ridge


  • Lvl 140-150: Yellow King Goblin
  • Lvl 150-160: Dark Wyvern
  • Lvl 160-170: Enraged Espresso Machine
  • Lvl 170-180:Blue Notebook
  • Lvl 180-190: Swollen Stump
  • Lvl 190-200: Sinister Rocky Mask

Levels 200-275: Fifth Job Advancement


  • Lvl 200-210: Scrapyard: Scrapyard Hill 4
  • Lvl 210-220: Chu Chu Island, Slurpy Forest Depths Eree Valley: Torrent Zone 3
  • Lvl 220-230:Cavern Lower Path
  • Lvl 230-250: Arcana: Deep in the Cavern
  • Lvl 250-255: Lachelein Tower
  • Lvl 255-275: Limina: End of the World 1-5


  • Lvl 200-220: Soulful Erda, Tranquil Erda
  • Lvl 225-250: Birdshark or Ripe Wolfruit
  • Lvl 250-275: Forberion or Dark Construct

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