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Mighty Party is an amazing game as well as addictive. You have to use your heroes in a very strategic way to defeat your enemies. The game allows us to be part of a clan, take part in events, and many more. It is free to play the game and has more than 450,000 downloads on Google Play and almost the same on the iOS App Store.

Game Information

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Game NameMighty Party
Platform(s)Android, iOS, Windows
ReleaseSeptember 02, 2018
Genre(s)RPG, Action, Adventure, Strategy


Mighty Party Gameplay

The Mighty Party is a game where you have to choose your hero and deploy it on the battlefield with a tap and after 3-minutes either you win or lose. This may seem boring but trust me it’s awesome and addictive. This requires your strategic skills and – you must know the strength and weaknesses of your hero as well as your opponent. It’s a wonderful game with a lot of adventure and action.

You also get an opportunity to fight with other players from all around the globe through many global events being organized by the developers. You can also team up with other players and be in a clan to eliminate the bosses and win the wonderful rewards.


Mighty Party Heroes list

Heroes are deployed in a group of 8 heroes by a Warlord to battle against other enemies. Heroes’ strength can generally be described by the following terms:


It generally follows regarding the heroes’ stats and skills.

The current alignment is:

  1. Order: Balanced stats, supportive skills.
  2. Nature: High health, defensive skills.
  3. Chaos: High attack, offensive skills.


Mighty Party gameplay

Rarity indicates the difficulty in obtaining any hero.

Current rarities are:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary

List of Heroes

Mighty Party Heroes

Following is a list of the heroes in the game Mighty Party along with their Alignment and Rarity –

Anak, Princess DragonLegendaryNature
Ancient ScorpidRareNature
Frozen Moor GuardRareNature


Mighty Party Arena

Apart from the Alignment Heroes in Might Party have specific skill sets that can give them an edge over the opponents. These are –

Freeze: Freeze enemies due to which they are unable to attack.

Heal: It restores HP (cannot exceed maximum HP).

Instant Kill: It eliminates your enemy instantly.

Mental Shield: Once defends against attack, skill, or kill.

Poisoning: Every turn poisoned enemy takes damage.

Summon: It summons heroes or runes onto the battlefield.


Mighty Party wiki

Resources are the things that you need in the game. These can be used to purchase or summon heroes and other items. There are 4 main resources in the game namely –

  • Gems
  • Copper Coins
  • Ancient Scrolls
  • Epic Scrolls

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