Top 5 Best Action Games for Android You Can’t Miss in 2020

Action games are the most loved game genera across all platforms. If you just search for action games on Google Playstore, you will find thousands of action games for your android device. Of course, it is nice to have so many options. However, it does make finding a good android game equally difficult.

Let’s face it; finding a needle in a pile of hay will probably be easier than finding a good action game on Playstore. Unlike console and PC games, most android games don’t get much coverage before its release and are straight-up listed on play store.

So, How do you find a Great action game for Android? Well, you have two options-

  1. You can test all action games one by one, going through the descriptions and the playthroughs doing your research wasting hours figuring out what the game is about or,
  2. You can simply check out our list of the Best Action Games on Android and save some of your valuable time and energy.

Either way, this article should at least give you a heads up. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.



Dragon Ball Legends

Well, you probably know about the ultra-popular anime Dragon Ball Z. Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc, Dragon Ball Legends builds on that series. The action game is a hybrid of a 3d battler and a gatch game.

Right off the bat, you will notice how similar the game feels to the original DBZ series. The combat system is simple. You float in the air while locked on an opponent opposite to you. Swipe side to side to avoid enemy attacks, tap on the screen to unleash either a melee or a short-ranged chi blast, or use special combo attacks to deal greater damage. Collect characters and gain experience to unlock more attacks as you progress with DBL. Furthermore, there is an actual story mode, game events, and a multiplayer PvP mode.

Overall, Dragon Ball Legends is a fantastic, fun action android game that will keep you coming for more. Even if you aren’t big on DB, the graphics and smooth gameplay is something you will admire. Dragon Ball Legends is available on google play store for free.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is one of the better action games available on Android. Developed by PikPok, the game is the second and latest iteration in the series and takes place in the events of a zombie apocalypse.

You are put in the shoes of James, who is trying to reach his family. However, a car crash leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now, a zombie horde lies between you and your destination, and the only way out is through the undead.

As the game progresses, you unlock various firearms, melee weapons, traps, and even a dog. It is a perfect blend of an endless runner, a first-person zombie shooter game, and also has some tower defence elements. All of this is backed by a great story that has multiple endings. So much so, that it almost feels like a role-playing game. There aren’t many games on google play store that can claim the same.

Into the Dead 2 is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. With stunning visuals and memorable background music, this game is a must-play.


PPKP or Punch Punch Kick Punch is a retro-style arcade action game for Android. First released in 2017 by the Toshihiro app, the game has over 500K downloads. The game features a beat em all up mechanism. When the monsters attack your town, it is up to you to save the day.

The game features a retro design and has a very proper story. Yet, PPKP is super fun to play. The controls are super simple with a few buttons like an old arcade machine. Hell, It almost feels like you are playing off on an arcade machine. Just smash smash smash, and you are good.

Explore the 2D world of PPKP, beat the bad monsters, and collect things to upgrade your city, upgrade your hero, and fight more monsters. Simple as that. PPKP is an excellent example that even a simple action game can be enjoyable. The best part? It is free to download.

The Walking Dead

If you love zombie games, this one is for you. Developed by TellTale games, the android game takes after the massively popular TV series The Walking Dead and is one of the best action games you can play on any platform.

The game embraces a comic book style animation, which is not a bad thing. Being a choice-driven action game, the controls comprise of tapping and swiping. However, this game will test your reflexes for sure with quick-time events.

You play as Lee Everett, a professor who is convicted of the murder of his wife. While you are being taken to prison, the zombie outbreak occurs. Follow Lee and a group of people in their struggle for survival in a story that will always keep you on edge. Also, be careful with what you choose to do as all your choices have consequences.

But the main attraction of the game is the stellar storyline. Never have I ever played a game that has a story so engaging as this one. All the characters seem true to life with both good and bad sides. Driven by their greed, selfishness, and the constant fear of the undead, they will do anything for the survival of themselves and their loved once.

The First Chapter of Walking Dead is available on google play store for free. After that, you will have to pay $4.99 per chapter. You can also purchase a season pass with all chapters at $14.99. It may feel a bit pricey, but it is worth it!

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky force reloaded is a free to play arcade action shooter game for Android. Developed by Infinite Dreams, Sky Force Reloaded was released is an improved version of sky force with bigger and better everything.

Each level has you flying through a battlefield. Your goal is to destroy all the enemies and collect stars that will help with the upgrades. You get extra points for completing in-level objectives. The game has various aircraft to unlock, upgrades, and card buffs to make things easier.

The gameplay is excellent. Yes, it is an old school game yet, the game looks Fantastic. Starting from the background to the details on your aircraft, the explosion everything is spot on. Tough boss fights and excellent level design will keep you grinding for hours for sure.

There are many top-down arcade shooter action games on Android, but none comes close to the polish of Sky Force Reloaded. It is a hands-down must play-action game on Google Playstore.


That was our article on the best action games on Android. Let us know what you feel about the article and what more do you want us to cover. Also, What games did you download from our list. We will see you in a new article very very soon.


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