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Do you feel living in the concrete jungle is complicated? Life could be so much simpler if you had a huge farm in the countryside harvesting crops, taking care of animals, and so on. Well not everyone is lucky enough to own huge farmlands. However, there are many farming games that can help you live your dream and have a great time without leaving the comfort of your bed on your Android or ios device.

Farming games are a popular genre of games with many subgenera. Where casual farming games are light-hearted, Farming simulator games reveal the real-life difficulties of running a farm. However, in almost all farming games, players are tasked to earn money by selling livestock, harvesting crops, management, which they will use to expand or upgrade their farm.

In short, this is a never-ending cycle of upgrades and expansions. Plus the laid-back gameplay of farm sims makes them ideal to be played for hours without being frustrated with your noob teammates on Fortnite. Thus, it is not surprising  Farming games on android and ios do have a sizeable fanbase.

Whether you seek to share realistic agricultural sim or something more occasional to have fun with fellow crop-addicts if any of the above appeals to you this genre is all you need.

Best Farming Simulators Games for Android and iOS

Here is the list of our trendy Top 6 Farming games to watch out for that will give you real-life farming experience. These are listed below:

  • Big Little Farmer
  • FarmVille 2
  • Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
  • Hay Day
  • Farm Simulator 20
  • Blocky Farm

1. Big Little Farmer:

Big Little Farmer - best farming game on android and ios

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Big Little Farmer is considered one of the best farm simulator games for android and ios. It is one of only a handful few freemium farm games that you can play offline.

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You can uncover ground, plant crops, raise animals, collect their milk and eggs, enhance and modify your homestead, and sell your stuff for a benefit or earn a living. The more you harvest, the more chances you have to unlock levels.

The controls are relatively easy, and you can unlock a lot of content. The gameplay kind of resembles that of Farmville. However, that’s something, not something to be bumped about. All in all, Big Little Farmer is a decent choice for casual players. The scenic views, fantastic graphics, and heart-throbbing sound effects make this game more interesting.

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2. FarmVille 2:

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - most popular farming game on mobile

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

FarmVille is considered one of the finest designed Farm games on Android. FarmVille 2 is the successor of the popular farming game FarmVille and was launched with more options and varieties.

The game provides users with various opportunities to explore the farm, set it with whatever structure; windmills, stables, storage sheds, gardens, etc. the way they like.

Additionally, players can bake the food items, sow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables, collect the hidden rewards, nurture different animals, even do trade and business with friends or partners while playing anonymously, and build a garden.

FarmVille 2 is like an escape to the world of farming in which players can easily opt for adventures, missions, and challenges to earn rewards. They can also raise animals and grow their farm and do trade. It could be played even when it is not connected to the internet.

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3. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

harvest moon light of hope - best paid farming game on ios and android

Price:  $14.99

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Harvest Moon is another farm simulation gameplay developed by Tabot. It was released in November 2017 for PCs. Later with a few changes, Harvest Moon was released for iOS followed by Android in May and September 2018, respectively.

The game starts with a ship hit by a storm and the people being swept along by a small harbor. A young doctor, Jeanne, steps up to save lives. Yet, the city has got abandoned. So, players can plant, sow and harvest the crops, take care of the livestock, and collect supplies and rewards. Through this, they tend to make new friends, renovate a lighthouse and save the city.

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All you have to do is collect the essentials from rebuilding the city and restoring the lighthouse, complete requests from locals to unlock new locations, grow crops, look after livestock, and collect items, either by yourself or a Co-Op friend. Farm, Make new friends, get married, and start a family.

A bit of a disclaimer here. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a premium game yet there are some compatibility issues with some devices.

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4. Hay Day:

Hay Day

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Hay Day is a fun farm game developed by SuperCell. Hay Day was the first game of its kind in 122 countries. Because of its remarkable and distinctive graphics, it is well known and played widely around the world.

The farming game First released in June 2012 for iOS and in November 2013 for Android, Hay Day seems old. However, Supercell has done a great job keeping Hay Day relevant providing a user-friendly, consistent, and fun experience for all players to date.

With Hay Day, players can explore areas, get acquainted with the plants, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. Hay Day is an epitome of uniqueness as it is a place where plants do not die no matter what, and animals make things even more fun by smiling.

Players can grow and customize the farm by implanting crops and new goods with neighbors and friends at roadside stores, filling the truck orders and even the steamboat ones, preparing harbor, and throwing fishing gear.

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5. Farm Simulator 20:

Farming Simulator 20

Price: $6.49

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Farming Simulator 20 is a mobile game that was released back in December 2019 by GIANTS Software. As the name suggests, Farming Simulator 20 is a farming simulator that introduces a new North American area where players can upgrade and expand their farms.

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They can enjoy many exciting farming activities as they like including new machinery and plant, they can keep the herds of cattle and sheep and ride their horses, allowing them to explore the vast land around the farm.

Players are free to drive more than 100 well-manufactured farm vehicles, take care of the livestock and horses, and explore the immense landscapes of new North America full of farming activities.

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6. Blocky Farm:

Blocky Farm,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

The blocky farm is a casual farming game with some elements of an arcade. Anyone can play this game and have fun. All you have to do is visit different villages and places in the game. The game is developed by Mobadu.

Blocky Farm puts players in a rural world. This game comes with different modes. For instance, in farm farming mode, players can choose a tractor, harvester, or car to play and complete the challenges.

The mode also provides players with excellent maps, cities, fields, and beautiful animals to play and enjoy the game. You can either explore the farm or village or relax according to your will.

Players can use a hay baler, trailer, and irrigation machine which offers options like free seeds anywhere, selling of the seeds and hay bales at farmer’s market, earning good scores by selling crops, garages to hide equipment, and many other options like this.

These options make the game more exciting and worthwhile. Additionally, players can take part in challenges and get their names on the scoreboard. 

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So these were the Top 6 Best farming games on Android and iOS, which we choose for you from an enormous pol of choices.

We hope you find this article helpful. And if you do, please share it with your friends and family. Lastly, don’t forget to hit the bell notification to keep updated on our upcoming content.

Happy farming guy and girls!

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