Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes June 2021| CODM Season 4 Redeem Code

Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes

Here is a list of the best Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes of June 2021. The list is updated regularly. So, turn on notification for to get notified automatically every time we add new codes to the list.

After PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile is the most popular among mobile gamers. Like many other free-to-play games, CoD Mobile Contains in-app purchases. So if players wanted cool skin for weapons, outfits, and all kinds of stuff they can buy it from the in-game store. However, not everyone is willing to spend their hard-earned cash on a mobile game.

Now, there is a lot of free stuff available in the game that you can get with some daily grinding. But sadly, if you want something good, you need to purchase the items with real money.

But not Anymore!

Yup! There is a way to get unique and premium gun skins, outfits, and more without spending a penny!

Nowadays, many game developers are offering free rewards to retain their loyal userbase. Similarly, Call of Duty Mobile is also following the same trend, offering a huge number of freebies.

To avail of these freebies, you need to use special codes called Cod mobile redeem codes.

Every month new redeem codes are released and some old ones expire.

So, for our readers today we have compiled the full list of Cod mobile redeem codes and, we are going to walk you through how you can use them to avail free rewards. Oh! and before we start, we will keep updating the list from time to time. So, be sure to turn on post notification from

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COD Mobile Free Redeem Codes List June 2021

Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes

Note that, while using the Cod mobile Redeem codes you have to remember that some of the codes won’t work because they are already expired. Suppose you are entering a code and your system shows an error message. The error message indicates that the particular code you are entering had already expired.


  • BGMRZBZ6SH – ATV – Coined and Wirey Frame
  • BGMTZBZ4BV – SMRS – Dark Light, Backpack1 – Party Area and x1 Epic Weapon XP Card
  • BGMVZBZCU8 – QQ9 Iridescent gloss
  • BGONZBZQPB – X10 Epic Weapon XP Card
  • BGRBZBZG3K – HG 40 Werewolf crate
  • BGRCZBZBNE – X5 Epic Weapon XP Card
  • BIFBZBZSC9 – Distraction crate from S6 and nomad skin
  • BIVJZBZSUQ – Don’t Shoot emote
  • BJMGZCZRGT – Ak117 Color Burst
  • BJMIZCZ9QD – AK-47 Trail and Error skin
  • BJMJZCZ98H – AK-47 Trail and Error skin
  • BJMMZCZAQS – AK-47 Trail and Error [ Validity 7 Days]
  • BJRLZBZDV8 – Close Call emote
  • BJUCZBZ448 – Ak117 Outcast Skin
  • BJUMZBZEWE – Whatever emote
  • BJUNZBZBUA – J358 Aurora Borealis
  • BJUOZBZCCP – RUS-79U Insulated Skin
  • BKGUZCZ7G8 – M4 Head Trauma
  • BKHDZBZ7U5 – BY15 Sight Unseen Skin and 2H Double Weapon XP Card
  • BLFUZBZTXS – Celebrate Crate
  • BLIKZCZNCM – DLQ33 Black Lime Skin (Working)
  • BLILZCZ5UE – Sharp Edges Crate
  • BLMLZCZH66 – M4 – MINOTAUR Skin – [validity 7 Days]
  • BMRMZBZESA – Man O War Tiger’s Eyes – [ Validity 7 Days]
  • FTRHJAMPG – Epic Blueprint, AK 47 Barricade

More Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Redeem Codes

  • 170TSIINDQ9UZ 
  • ARPM3LUJ0JF97 
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Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes 2021 (Limits Reached)


How to get More Cod Mobile Redemption Codes

If you are searching for Call of Duty mobile redeem codes. The easiest thing you can do is do a quick search on google. Or you can look for codes posted by gamers on social media pages of Call of Duty: Mobile.

The codes are easy to find but the problem lies in finding codes that actually work. New Free Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes are released every month. However, most of them expire within a few days or in some cases in a few hours due to heavy usage.

According to some estimates around 30 million players are playing the game on a daily basis. It is only natural for redeem codes to expire quickly.

How to use Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes

To use this code redemption follow few simple steps.

  1. In the very first step Open Call of Duty: Mobile in your phone.
  2. Now, go to the profile section on the top left corner of the main menu.
    Cod redeem code
  3. In the profile section, Copy the UID from the Player Profile.
    Copy the UID, Code Free Redeem Code
  4. Now, Go to Call of Duty: Mobile’s Redemption Center.
  5. After visiting the redemption center of CoD Mobile you can find three boxes. You have to enter the UID in the first box. You have to insert the Redemption Code in the second box.
    insert the Redemption Code
  6. Paste the UID that you copied, as well as the Redeem Code, in the correct corresponding boxes.
  7. Enter the Captcha for human verification
  8. Once done click on the Submit button.
  9. On successful redemption, you will receive an in-game mail with the rewards attached. Now, you can find those items in your inventory.
COD Mobile Redeem Codes List

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