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Welcome to the largest collection of FREE daily spins links for Coin Master. We have included not just today’s offerings, but also the ones from earlier. So, if you missed out on some, you still have a chance to collect them!

Coin Master is an addictive mobile game created by Israel based game studio Moon Active. It is a free, single-player, casual game that mixes the excitement of playing slots with the feel of the social build and battle games (the likes of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and so on), to create something that you just can’t put down; in a good way. It is simple, and the only thing you need is, coins to build.

Now, you do get a lot of coins each day in the game, but if you play the Coin Master a lot, you will definitely need more.

Fortunately for you, though, there are a ton of ways to Get Coin Master free spins, reducing the need for you to spend real money as well as increasing your progression speed.

All of the tricks are very simple and legal. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

In this post, we’re going to give you all of the ways on how you will able to get Free Spins in Coin Master and claim coins, cards, and more with minimum effort. All this will help you to continue playing long even after your daily free spins run out without the need for you to spend your money on premium spins in the game’s store.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive in.

Coin Master Daily Links for Free Spins, Coins, and Cards:

COIN MASTER links for free spins coins and cards

The below links will help you to get Coin Master free spins, coins, and cards. All the links for free spins are collected from the official Coin Master  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. All of the links are safe and tested to work before being updated!

Additionally, we will update all these daily. So, we recommend you to turn on notification for and get notified automatically every time we add new links or bookmark this post and check back every day for new in-game rewards.

coin master daily free spins link 2021 today

Coin Master Free Spins Today

Coin Master Free Spins Yesterday

Coin Master Free Spins Expired


Coin Master Free Spins,

Apart from just taking the daily links above, there are a variety of different ways to get even more free spins. More ways to get free spins and free coins are listed bellow

Follow Coin Master on Social Media

Everyday Coin Master’s developer provides a bunch of free spin links in their social media so to get this free spins in Coin Master you can follow them. Follow Coin Master on Facebook or Twitter.

Invite Facebook friends

Whenever you invite a friend who successfully joins the game through Facebook, you will get 40 spins for free. Remember, to get the spins; your friends do not need to play the game. All they need to do is accept your invite, download the game, and finally log in via their Facebook account. If you lots of friends you can ask them to do these three things and you will have more free spins than you can ever imagine.

Email gifts Sign up

After sign up for email gifts, you can get some free spin links every day directly to your email. We haven’t faced any spam from signing up so far. So, if you want a quick and easy method of getting yourself some tasty free spins each day, go for it!

Gift Each other

After you have invited your friends and they joined the game, you and your friends can gift each other free spins and coins every day! You can quickly get up to 100 free spins per day from your friends. However, to get those heights, you’ll need at least 100 active friends who can send you a gift each day. Each gift consists of a single free spin. Additionally, you can send a gift of coins too.

Now, unless you’re incredibly popular, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have 100 friends; let alone 100 that will deign to play a game with you. So, heading on over to the official Reddit community or Facebook communities to try and find people willing to play with, you can help you a lot.

Watch video ads

After watching video ads, you can earn a limited number of free spins per day. First, you go to the slot machine and tap on the spin energy button on the bottom right. Tap on it, and you’ll have to watch an ad. In case it’s not there, you’ve run out of free spins for the day. But that’s okay you can try the methods mentioned earlier. They will work fine.

From Spin

From well spinning you can get a ton of free coin master spins. If you get three spin energy signs in a row, you’ll get a pack of free spins. Hit a chain of them, and you can spin for ages before you run out.

Level up your village

Each time you level up your village, you will receive free spins. But as nice as it sounds it will take a toll on your coin stash, as it will cost a hefty amount of coins to buy all the new buildings and improve them. It is going to cost a lot of spins, for sure.

Participate in Events

Luckily in the game, there are a ton always happening events, and there will always at least be one event which will get you free spins. That’s great! So how do you find events? Simple, in the slot, machine screen, take a look at the top right corner. See the three lines button? Tap on one, and you’ll see all the ongoing events. Find the one that offers free spins.

Complete card sets

Players can also get free spins from collecting cards. You will get cards by opening chests. All of the cards are part of a developing collection that increases as you level up your village. Nine cards create a set, and if anyone collects all nine, he’ll get a ton of awards, like pets, gold along with free spins.

Cards can also be found in boxes, which you’ll find during the occasional raid or purchasing from the shop.

It’s worth purchasing chests with your leftover gold, as you might lucky and end up with a jackpot.

Setting a Reminder to visit Coin Master

It is an obvious proposal, but it’s worth taking into thought. You can get five free spins in every single hour, and you can only hold a maximum of 50 spins at a single time. That means that every ten hours you’ll hit the maximum number of spins. So we suggest you set a reminder to visit Coin Master for every ten hours at least to spend your spins so you can earn more coins.

You’ll end up making a considerable number of extra spins if you’re dedicated. It’s totally worth it.


  1. Where can I get free spins and coins for coin master?

    We will update all these links daily. So, we recommend you to turn on the notification for and get notified automatically every time we add new links.

  2. How do you get free spins on coin master 2021?

    Aside from just taking the daily links above, there are a variety of different ways to get even more free spins. Here is how.

  3. Is it possible for Coin Master users to get 400 Spin 800 spin by a single reward link?

    As per the previous report based on all links reward, 400 spin 800 spins by reward links is yet not possible.

  4. How do you get rare cards in Coin master?

    Buy Chests you will get rare cards once in a while.

  5. How do I get unlimited free spin in coin master?

    If you want to get unlimited coin master free spins, then you should keep on finding the latest spin links. On our website, we keep updating the links. On top of everything, we have included a hand full of ways to get free spins in Coin Master even without using links. So, check back every day or just get subscribed.

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