Crying Suns: A Si-Fi Rogue-lite Game Launching Soon for iOS and Android

From the sea of mobile games announcements, every day comes a game announcement that you should be really excited about. The popular sci-fi roguelike PC game Crying Suns is coming to Android and iOS, and it is sooner than you expect.

Crying Suns: A Sci-Fi Rogue-lite Game for iOS and Android

Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite game that casts you as a space fleet commander. You are tasked with exploring a mysteriously fallen alien empire. The game has a rich story that slowly unwraps as players make progress, destroying a huge number of enemy battleships in the process.

The story, as well as the world design, are reportedly inspired by games like Dune and Foundation.

Discover new odds and ends of fascinating stories with each successful mission. Uncover the truths about the Empire as well as about yourself. In fact, there are over 300 unique stories events spread across a total of 6 chapters of the game. All this adds up to well for an enjoyable play.

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Video Credit: Crying Suns YouTube channel

Alt Shift, the studio behind Crying Suns launched the PC version of the game back in 19th September 2019 for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Alt Shift is small a game developing studio based in the city, Montpellier, which is located in the sunny South of France. They generally design and develop video games for PC and mobile devices. Alt Shift, designed and developed their first-ever mobile game
“Not Not – A Brain-Buster” back in May 2017.

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The publisher of this game, Humble Bundle, Inc., is a digital storefront for video games, located in the US, California. 

Crying Suns features and Release Date

As per the recent revelations, the game will get a complete redesign to suit touchscreen controls on mobile phones with an intuitive layout. It will be available for both the iOS users and for those who are having high-end Android devices.

On its first launch for the iOS and Android, it will be available only in some languages. It will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and also in simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

Crying Suns for iOS and Android is going to be launched on 25th June 2020 as a premium title with a price tag of $8.99.

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