Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall out now on Android and iOS

After receiving thousands of pre-registrations and carrying out lots of beta tests, Behaviour Interactive has finally launched ‘Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall.’ It is the official HBO Game of Thrones Adventure Role-Playing Game (RPG) and merges the elements of RPG and Real-Time Strategy. GoT Beyond the Wall takes place some decades before the timeline of the books and the TV show. It means this upcoming release will serve as a prequel of sorts.

All the actions of the game are focused on the North and beyond the Wall. With the center of attention of the story being the Night’s watch. Players have to take command of the Night’s Watch to protect Westeros by collecting notable characters who will be helpful in the game’s strategic battles. Your goal in the game is to defeat all the enemies that come into your way. To win the battles, you need to learn various things such as attack range, weapon force, moves, special attacks, and many other things.Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Released For Android And iOS

In the downtime between battles, players have to take command and control various aspects of life at the Night’s Watch from Castle Black. You must level up your army and provide them with new pieces of equipment such as armor and weapons. Players can also make new weapons for their military, by consulting Grand Meister Aemon. Trade with the other cities and send their best men for completing the missions beyond the Wall.

Our verdict on Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

In our opinion, ‘Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall‘ is a fantastic turn-based RTS. It contains a simple yet engaging combat system with outstanding graphics. The right blend of RPG elements with Real-Time Strategy makes this game stand out from its competition. Also, as you proceed further with the game, players get to unlock many characters from the actual TV show! Did we mention this game also has dragons!!

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Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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