PUBG Mobile: Top 10 Best Loot Spots In Livik Map

Are you having a hard time surviving the new Livik map? Here are the Top 10 Best loot spots in the PUBG Mobile Livik map to help you get your chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile has recently come up with the new 0.19.0 update on the latest season 14 of the game. Specially optimized for mobile gameplay, the update introduces the premier exclusive Nordic-style Livik map covering a 2km × 2km area with 52 players and 15-minute matches, for a faster, more intense experience.

The new map now has blended landscapes and water bodies all-around and high centralization of loot, which means that nobody has to pass up on good loot because of the spots they land-in.

However, a bounty of loot and a tiny map size also implies that firefights start at landing, and many players find themselves eliminated within the first couple of minutes. So, in this article, we bring our readers the Top 10 Best Loot Spots In PUBG Mobile Livik Map, some of the safest sites to land to endure the longest. 

Best Loot Spots In Livik Map



Being an icy ground on the edge of the Livik map, Iceberg is a charming little town on the northeastern front. The locality holds buildings and features a large church in the middle, where vast loot are offered. However, individuals typically find what they need from the encompassing urban structures. Moreover, it makes it somewhat precarious with regards to getting into the zone. More often than not, the area is towards the inside, and it’s very challenging to turn back to the domain.

WaterfallLivik Map Waterfall

Situated in the southwestern side of the map, the waterfall has been one of the most discussed highlights of best loot spots in Livik Map of PUBG Mobile. This pleasant area includes a three-level waterfall with a stream ski directly on top. In this way, players can utilize stream skis from the peak of the waterfall and ride three-level right down. There is also a shrouded region just behind the waterfall with some good loot as well.

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Power Plant

Livik Map: Power Plant

Power Plant is the spot where high-level gear could be found frequently on this map. The weapons spawning in this area are mostly Snipers and DMRs, so if you see yourself as a decent sharpshooter, this place is just right for you. It offers a good race if players persist and get the immense loot that this location holds.

Likewise, if you wish to get your hands on some level 3 protection and better ARs immediately after you land, then this locality has the highest potential. However, because of the great loot, numerous individuals generally drop here. Also, most of the booties are inside one enormous structure, so you will very likely encounter other players while searching for good loot. The best bet will be to loot and get out of the area soon after looting, using the vehicles outside. But be wary as there will be almost always gunfights close to the scene in the vast arena.

East Port

Livik Map: East Port
Livik Map: East Port; Image: RK Gaming

Located on the eastern border of the map, East Port is an ideal alternative for Iceborg, and players can too land here, depending upon the planned path. The place holds masses of buildings alike small towns and contains ample quantities of weapons, armour, and healing items. So, you can loot plentiful there as soon as you land. Moreover, there is sufficient shelter for players and the scope for a tight battle. But, if you want to play sneakily, a boat regularly spawns on the shoreline and is great to enter the territory without getting spotted. 


Holdhus covers a tremendous territory of the map, split in two with a road. It has a storage factory encircled by constructions and compounds. This zone offers extraordinary loot and is among the Best loot spots in Livik map of PUBG Mobile. Nonetheless, players should be cautious while dropping here, as the loot is generally highly-contested.

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Hot Springs 

Hot Springs 

The Hot Springs are situated towards the north-east side of the map with highlighted pools of hot water. The coolest thing about these natural aquifers is that they slowly mend you as long as you stay in them. So if you are low on healing items it might be a great idea to head over there. However, this does leave you exposed to be picked off easily, so heal yourself there at your own risk.


Livik Map: Aqueduct
Livik Map: Aqueduct Image:RK Gaming

Located to the west of the map, the aqueduct offers an exceptional beginning if you land here first, and sideways resembles an unassuming slope from the outset.
At the head of the slope, there is an opening that gives way to a pool of water underneath. Inside is a gigantic open territory styled after the old Roman ruins. This location offers, a little “mystery” region that is loaded up with loot. But, be cautious about others who may come after you from the crest of the hole, as they would have the height advantage to shoot. Additionally, just north of Aqueduct is a spawn spot for a Monster Truck.

Ruined Church

Situated on an island at the southern edge of the map is another ruined church. Nonetheless, this one is by all accounts is completely destroyed. While it is unclear why it is in such a state, it is most likely to have been burnt down by a Black Metal band for their album cover, back in the 90s. Given that the map is based on the Nordic regions, this can very well be the case.

Although the loot inside is average, this location makes it to the top 10 Best loot spots in Livik map of PUBG Mobile because it is a relatively safer place to land during a match.

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Livik Map: Blomster
Livik Map: Blomster Source: ANAND GAMING

Established towards the north-west, Blomster appears as though some other excellent loot spot on the map, preserving little houses, and a couple of buildings. Though, the building only west of the largest structure in the area might somewhat have a mystery. Head over to the ground floor of this structure, and you’ll find a little room with a monster size map of Livik in the centre. That may be an artifice room of some sort.

This locality probably offers the best ARs in the game. So, players using ARs as their primary weapon would want to land here as Assualt rifles tend to be scrambled all around in the houses. Further, adequate ammunition can likewise be put away in the stock for long gunfights. But, this spot does have its drawbacks. For one, this being an open area, there are relatively few covers from snipers. You should take this into consideration while heading there as foes will find it simple to shoot while you are looting.

Our Favourite of top 10 Best Loot spots in Livik Map of PUBG Mobile: Midstein

Midstein Image Source: RK Gaming

Midtstien is the most suitable location to loot in the Livik Map. This area has a bunch of buildings and condos. Being situated in an open zone, this is the ideal spot for bold players. Furthermore, numerous decorations were seen arriving in this area for the first battle.

Coming to the loot factor, it offers better loot compared to many other regions on the map. So, get yourself a firearm and begin bringing down adversaries before they run inside. Also, monitor opponents landing and surge before they get any opportunity to fire at you. However, after clearing out one, you could rapidly run for the following. But, be cautious about tricks, as people frequently stow away on the second floor of structures.

That was a brief glimpse at the top 10 Best loot spots in Livik map of PUBG Mobile. Of course, the Livik map contains many more exciting locations, but that is for some other article. To know more about PUBG Mobile’s latest updates and fresh guides, stay tuned to our website

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