PMPL Scrims Season 3 Schedule and Groups Revealed

When PUBG Mobile Pro League or PMPL 2020 got postponement due to the coronavirus outbreak, Tencent organized PMPL South Asia Scrims. So far, two seasons of the scrims have already taken place with only South Asian teams, and both were successful. Now, PMPL Scrims season 3 will start soon.

PMPL Scrims are an alternative event where PUBG Mobile teams of South Asia and South-East Asia compete against each other. The goal of these scrims is to keep the massive PUBG Mobile fans entertained during the home quarantine.


PMPL Scrims Season 3: Teams, Schedule, Groups, and Prize Pool

PMPL Scrims Season 3: 24 April to 26th April

PMPL Scrims Season 3 Groups,

Top 20 teams from South Asia and four teams from South East Asia will participate in this tournament. The teams from South Asia are well-known among India’s gaming community. They are the same teams we saw in the PMPL South Asia Region.

However, the teams coming from the South East Asia region are remarkable. They are one of the most balanced squad. You may be familiar with some big names like Bigetron RA, Team Secret, Illuminate-the Murderer, and Morph so on. These teams have already ruled in global events like PMCO and PMSC.

The teams have been distributed into three groups of eight teams each for PMPL Scrims season 3. Each will consist of 8 teams. The groups are as follows-

Group A:

  • Bigetron RA
  • Soul
  • Godlike
  • UMumba RXN
  • Marcos Gaming
  • Team Hype
  • Jyanmarra (Nepal)
  • Illuminate the Murder

Group B:

  • Team Deadeyes
  • Celtz
  • Orange Rock
  • Team Xtreme
  • Instinct Esports
  • Team IND
  • VSG Crawlers
  • Morph Team
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Group C:

  • Fnatic
  • Megastars
  • Team Secret
  • TSM Entity
  • Elementrix
  • Team Tamilas
  • Synerge
  • Powerhouse


Bigetron from Indonesia is the fan-favorite since their outstanding performance in PMSC 2018. They are of the strongest teams of the world in PUBG Mobile. The team is also famous for the twin brothers Zuxxy and Luxxy. The twin brothers’ performance has won Bigetron many big titles in the past. The PMCO and PMCO Global are to name a few.

the PMPL Scrims Season 3 Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile Esports ,

The total reward for the PMPL Scrims Season 3 is set to $3000. It will be divided into $1500 $1000 and, $500 for the teams that end up first, second and third positions respectively.

If we were to guess we will expect the viewership will beat all previous records!

The battle between South Asia and South-East Asia is something fans have been waiting for over the past few months already. It will be exciting to see all-time fan-favorite players like Zuxxy, Mortal, Luxxy, Scout, ORMavi, Owais, and Jonathan in the same match, competing to be the best.

The matches are being streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel from 6.30 PM onwards every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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