3 Reasons You should Play an Ironman Account On Old School RuneScape

Oldschool Runescape (OSRS) is a nostalgic release of Runescape as it was in 2007, brought to us in 2013. Just one year later, one of the most influential updates to Runescape ever, we saw the release of Ironman mode.

The (almost) entirely self-sufficient game mode, locking you from trading with other players and collaborating on most group activities. Considering in the Ironman mode, you have to do everything yourself; Many people prefer to get a jump-start on the earlier, more monotonous and tedious grinds of the account leveling process. They buy OSRS Ironman Accounts pre-made, usually with a lot of the beginner content done, setting you up to enjoy the game mode at it’s best.

Ironman Mode

Reason 1 – Satisfaction

Most Ironman accounts are usually people who have played the game previously, leveling up a regular account. As fun as that may have been, to begin with, you soon find many of your accomplishments squandered by the fact others just buy the best gear or use the best money-making methods instead of engaging in the particular content.

Although this works well for avoiding content, you may not enjoy it as much. It also results in the content you possibly engage with being seen as unproductive or inefficient.

With an Ironman account, the requirement to collect and acquire everything yourself makes all content more productive. You don’t have a choice.

Now you can have the satisfaction of knowing that everything you’re doing contributes to the development of your account. There’s also great satisfaction in the Ironman symbol beside your name; when people see what you’re wearing, and you talk, they know that what they see you got all of it by yourself, no help, no trading, no group efforts. It was all you!

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Reason 2 – Exploration

Many people don’t realize how much content they skip over, avoid, or simply don’t think about when developing their accounts. The lack of necessity to engage with it results in regular accounts, merely paying for better resources for their leveling or using other people’s houses to teleport around and conveniently navigate the world.

Playing an Ironman account will force you into the content you’ve never thought of doing, require you to use the strange gear you forgot existed, and simply utilize the world and what it has to offer you.

Not relying on the Grand Exchange to give you anything you need for some money means for those strange quest items, energy potions, and various other necessities, you now must go and get them yourself. This means exploration and training skills the right way, rather than arbitrary levels, the ability to make and create specific things now matters.

Reason 3 – Longevity

Once you’ve built the foundations of your Ironman account, you’re going to care about it more than you’ve ever cared about an account before.

Why? Because everything on it from equipment to quests, resources, items, cash, levels, and everything in between was done solely by you. These are your achievements.

Nobody can ever take that away from you. When new content comes out, the only way you can get the new items or rewards is to engage with the latest content yourself. You’ll care much more about new updates and the content within them, knowing that you’ll have to take part. You can’t just buy the rewards anymore with the cash you built up. You’re going to have to kill that new boss, complete that new quest and utilize that new skilling method.

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Be an Ironman!


Now you’ve heard some reasons why you should play an Ironman, the best way to experience it is actually to try it for yourself. Maybe it seems tedious or hard work at first, but the amount of value you get out of doing things yourself is incomparable.

It’s a new perception of Runescape for many, resulting in it not just being a popular game-mode but now a core part of Oldschool Runescape’s culture.

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