Short Guide on trolls in OSRS, and what are the best ways for you to kill them

Old School RuneScape is inhabited by a lot of different enemies, with monsters and other foes of all different shapes and sizes. In this short guide, we will be discussing the best way for you to overcome trolls. Many players will opt to play this rendition of Runescape to gather up as much OSRS Gold as they can, where they focus on OSRS gold buying and selling rather than slaying beasts. If you find yourself in the latter group and are looking to kill these creatures for Slayer tasks and more, then here is how to slay Trolls and earn some decent rewards.

Best ways for you to Kill Trolls in OSRS

Mountain TrollsMountain Trolls

Starting with Mountain Trolls, these aggressive monsters are often fought against as part of Troll Slayer tasks. They are tough and are able to regenerate their health rather quickly. Even though they don’t hit often, they do hit hard. Their high strength is something that you may find yourself struggling to deal with.
So when you are in mountainous areas, you will want to know the best ways to kill them. One vital piece of information is that they are vulnerable to poisons, so you should consider taking something that can inflict this kind of damage. Their weaknesses also include Slash and Stab, so using weapons that have these stats as a bonus can be a great way to deal with Mountain Trolls.
They have a guaranteed drop of Big Bones, and also the chance of dropping Mythril/Adamant weapons and armour. There are many drops from the trolls, one of the rarest being the Curved Bone, which is a very rare drop with a rate of 1/5000.

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Ice Trolls

Another deadly creature is the Ice Troll. Killing these trolls can come in particularly handy, as beating five of them will give you access to an ice cave that will allow you to get the Ice Diamond in Desert Treasure. They have a Crush attack style and often have hit points of over 20. With this in mind, you should make sure that you are using Protect from Melee, and ensure that you have Super Restore Potions to hand. Thankfully, like the Mountain Troll, the Ice Troll is not immune to poison nor venom, so these could come in handy here.
As have dropped, they too have a guaranteed drop of Big Bones. If you are lucky, you can also get Black Weapons and Mithril armour too, though these are rare drops. Their rarest drops involve spears, specifically the Rune and Dragon Spear, which have a 1/32,768 and 1/87,381 drop rate respectively.

Sea Trolls

Sea trollsThis is a bit more of an honorable mention. Though they are trolls, they are not required for Slayer tasks. Sea Trolls can be found in the Swan Song quests. If you go fishing during the said quest you are bound to encounter them. This only happens during the quest however, as they will stop attacking you when you fish for monkfish once it is over. You will notice during the My Arm’s Big Adventure quest that the Sea Trolls are referred to as “Not Proper Trolls” so you don’t really need to worry about them. Their rarest drop, as with the Mountain Troll, is the Curved Bone at 1/5.013 chance of dropping.

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That is everything that you need to know about trolls when it comes to Slayer tasks and more. Remember, if you need to take a break from farming OSRS gold, then this is a great little sidetrack to go down. Completing Slayer tasks can be very beneficial. Not only that, but there are some useful drops from the trolls too. Slayer tasks do make up a huge part of Old School Runescape, and it’s easy to see why. On these tasks at certain points, you will encounter trolls of differing kinds. Therefore, it is good to have a little bit of extra knowledge before facing off against these deadly creatures.
Have you fought any trolls in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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