The importance of Class Trainers in WOW Classic

There are eight classes to choose from in World of Warcraft Classic, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Each class has its Class Trainer, whom you should visit reasonably often throughout the progress of your account.

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Where is the Class Trainer?

Class Trainers are spread across the land. You’ll first meet your Class Trainer in the starting zone of the tutorial stages of your account. However, across quest hubs and towns, you’ll find your Class Trainer when you need them. The easiest way to locate a Class Trainer is by visiting one of the capital cities.

What does my Class Trainer give me?

As your account progresses, you’ll gain the ability to acquire higher-level spells or higher classes of existing spells. The spells improve over time, either by the efficiency of using less mana or having a shorter cooldown or by proficiency with extra damage and effects. You won’t just automatically unlock these as you level up; They have to be manually purchased from the Class Trainer.

How often should I visit my Class Trainer?

You should aim to visit your Class Trainer every two levels or so. There are no set intervals that you should. However, if you take some time to look at the spells and abilities you’d like to acquire in the future, taking note of the requirements will be useful.

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As the Class Trainer is often found around the world, it’s suggested to just keep in mind that if you leveled recently and there’s one nearby. Go and check out if you unlocked something new.

Should I buy every ability and spell?

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It would be astounding if you could even afford it! Spells and abilities get very expensive, especially in the highest tiers. You should only level up and acquire spells that you feel you’d use in your later character progression. Gold is required for so many things in WOW Classic, don’t waste it on powers and abilities that you’re not going to use later on. Save it for the Weapons, Armor, and desirable Mounts later on!

Should I complete my Class Quests?

Every ten levels, you’ll notice a new Class Quest is available. It is well worth completing these. Some abilities and items are exclusive as rewards from these quests only. Quests in WOW Classic are iconic and drive the story in your gameplay. It is always recommended to
complete quests when you can.

Be the best in your class!

Now you’ve learned some Tips & Tricks for how to utilize your Class Trainer; you’ll be well on your way to being the best in your class. There are so many options for spells, abilities, and gear for your account. Choose your own path, become powerful in your own way, and
work out what suits your own playstyle. After all, this is your game and your journey!

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