Mythic Heroes Codes April 2024 | Latest Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes

Looking for Mythic Heroes Codes? If Yes, then you are landed in the right place. The following article will guide you can get rewards and in-game stuff for free of cost. When you want something exciting and unique in-game then you have to buy it with real money most of the time. But here we will guide you on how you can get those stuff without giving a single rupee.

But these Redeem codes are hard to find and most of the time are fake and invalid. But don’t worry we are at will provide you these codes with our article. Also whenever the game developer will publish new codes, we will update this article so don’t forget to bookmark this page and enable notifications so you won’t miss them.

What are Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes?

What are Mythic Heroes Gift Codes

Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes are unique codes provided by the developers of Mythic Heroes on some special occasion or update. These codes are used in-game to get a free item related to that particular code. By applying these codes you can get Diamonds, Golds, Soulseal, Badges, Chestfragments, and a lot more for free of cost.

Developers of the game provide redeem codes with updates, on special occasions, on festivals, etc. these codes are free and easily redeemable in the game but most of these codes are only available for the first few players so you have to be active for these codes.

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How to Find Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes?

How to find more Mythic Heroes Codes

Developers of Mythic Heroes publish these codes on multiple sites including their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Fake and invalid redeem codes for Mythic Heroes are largely circulated on the internet because these codes are rare and hard to find. But Shadowknightgaming will provide you with Genuine and Valid codes here in one place, so you can get your free reward easily.

How to Redeem Codes in Mythic Heroes?

How to redeem Mythic Heroes Codes

Code Redemption is very handy in Mythic Heroes, you don’t need ant third-party application or website for your redemption of a particular code.

Follow these steps to redeem a code in Mythic Heroes and get a free reward:

  • Open your game Mythic Heroes.
  • Tap on the Player Icon on extreme top-left of your screen.
  • Now, hit the Code button.
  • Enter your required code from the list below.
  • Hit the Confirm button.
  • Enjoy your free reward.

LATEST Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes (April 2024):

List of Mythic Heroes Redeem Codes
  • VTSMV – 400 diamonds
  • YZ5XM – 11 hero chest fragments
  • 9DDBE – 12 prestige badges
  • LAEZM – ten gears of time
  • B35L4 – nine adventurer chest fragments
  • FLY4D – 200 diamonds, two standard summon scrolls, and six 10x gold rewards
  • YQ44F – eight lv.1 divinity gems
  • WBA2M – seven ankaa soulseal I
  • DQTYP – six draco soulseal I
  • XCYXM – five chimaera soulseal I
  • JP3EX – four 10x gold rewards
  • XT34S – three SSR hero shards
  • ZJAL8 – two baihu soulseal II
  • JMVFU – one diamond chest
  • THANKYOU – ten standard summon scrolls
  • XMAS – 1,200 diamonds
  • XMASCODE – 100 diamonds
  • NOCODE – 100 diamonds
  • 8LMVS – 100 diamonds, 30 SR hero shards, and 20 gears of time
  • MHCODE – 100 diamonds
  • CODES1 – 100 diamonds
  • CODES2 – 100 diamonds
  • 1CODES – 100 diamonds
  • MYTH1 – 1,600 diamonds
  • KVCQ9 – 400 diamonds
  • XMAS – 200 diamonds
  • DBKW6 – 100 diamonds, 30 SR hero shards, and 20 gears of time
  • MH7777 – 3,000 diamonds.

EXPIRED Mythic Heroes Codes

  • 7ZDWM
  • MH8888
  • E5OVG
  • WL5UP
  • O8FYX
  • WZG7V
  • 76HLV
  • ISVQ6
  • LU93I


Mythic Heroes Codes FAQ

What is a Redeem Code?

Redeem Codes are the special code provided by the developers to get a free in-game reward.

How I can Redeem Codes in Mythic Heroes?

It is easy to redeem codes in Mythic Heroes, follow this section for a step-by-step guide.

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About the game

Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes is an RPG mobile game. You can create a powerful squad with the selection of Gods. Get the rewards even if you are AFK in Mythic Heroes. You explore different guilds in-game. You can also start your own guild by making new friends on global server chat.
Developer – I Got Games (IGG)
Publisher – I Got Games (IGG)
Genre – ActionRPG
Game Mode(s)
 – Multiplayer

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