NOK PIECE CODES January 2022| Free Redeem Codes

Are you looking for Nok Piece Codes? You are at the right place! Check the article and get all the latest (Updated) Nok Piece gift codes.

Nok piece is a game that is based on a Japanese anime series – One Piece, whose protagonist is a pirate. In this anime series, different pirates compete against each other to get their hands upon some rare fruits and weapons which when acquired, one becomes more powerful than before.

This is not much different. Every player competes against another real-time player in the quest for some rare devil fruits, fighting styles, and a vast number of weapons to become the strongest.

But, the players require in-game currency known as Beli. This “Beli” must be purchased with real money. Although some players might spend their money for acquiring in-game currency, there are players who might be a bit hesitant to spend real money on a game.

For such players, the developers of the game release special codes which when used, the user is gifted either with devil fruits, costumes, fighting styles, or weapons. But getting hold of these codes is not that easy as they can be released on any platform and at any time.

Moreover, these codes are either time-limited or limited based on the number of redeems. Hence, the players must act swiftly to make the best use of these free special codes and to make sure they are not finishing last.

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What are gift codes for Nok Piece?

As mentioned earlier, gift codes are nothing but special redeemable codes, which when redeemed provide the user or player of that game with free goodies for gifts which include various devil fruits, fighting styles, and various weapons which help the player to become stronger. These gifts otherwise can be availed by buying them with the help of beli (in-game currency) which must be bought with real money.

Nok Piece Codes January 2022

  • !ShutdownPiece – get Stat Reset (New)
  • !UPDATE1 – get Stat Reset
  • !5KLike – get 250K Beli (requires level 50)
  • !Mocco – get Stat Reset
  • !PBack – get 50K Beli
  • !Flop get – 100K Beli

How to find Nok Piece codes?

The developers of the Nok Piece game usually release these codes on their official website or social media platform. Sometimes, they also release them on random websites without any notice. Hence the users might have to ferret the entire internet to find them. This is often time-consuming and inefficient.

On the other hand, we will have the codes presented before you as soon as they are released to save your precious time. These codes are updated from time to time also. You can visit our website and find these codes.

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How to Redeem Nok Piece Gift Codes?

Unlike other games, redeeming gift codes in the Nok Piece game is considerably easy! You just have to open the chat section and type the code and hit enter to redeem the code. Remember, do not forget the ‘!’ mark as, without it, the code will become invalid. That’s it! You can now enjoy all the freebies.

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  1. How do you get the mysterious key in Nok piece?

    The mysterious key is a miscellaneous item that can be obtained by killing Buso monkeys but there is only a 1% chance of receiving it.

  2. How do you get the Gryphon in Nok piece?

    Gryphon is one of the weapons which is currently available in the game. It can be acquired by killing a red-haired swordsman. There is a 25% chance of receiving the item.