Project Star Tier List – Best Stands in Project Star

Our Project Star all stands/characters tier list will give you the name of the best stands you can get in the game.

Project Star is the latest RPG game based on Jojos Bizzare Adventure. It is created by imaginationburst and 10-minuteADRevenue.

Before getting into the tier list I will tell you initially stands are the same as characters and if you have been a fan of the Japanese anime series “JOJOS BIZZARE ADVENTURE” then this is no shock to you but, if you are new to the game and the series then let me tell you this, that in the series stands are manifestations of energy that initially resemble people or monsters.

You get a lot of stands you can collect in the game but, choosing your stand is dependent on your luck and the game’s algorithm. We can’t break down the game algorithm but can give you what the chances are to get the right stand and with the help of this project star tier list, you can pick your own perfect stand.

How does our Project Star Tier List Work?

Project Star Tier List

We have graded all the Stands in the game in Tiers from S to D.

S rank: These are the most overpowered godly characters in the game. If you are playing the game for quite some time you may already be familiar with some of the characters.

A: These are similar to s rank characters but not as powerful as them. They don’t lack power but rather inability and rarity.

B: These are your average characters they are powerful but not much. They are your average characters’ average at everything and excellent.

C: These stands are bad than average but good as your beginner characters they will be very difficult to lay with moving forward in the game.

D: These stands are the weakest of the bunch.


Project Star Tier List

Here is the best tier list for all the stands in Project Star

S Tier1. Prime star platinum the world
2. The world
3. Anubis
A Tier1. Horus
2. Death thirteen
3. Silver chariot
4. Star platinum
B Tier1. Cream
2. Emperor
3. Hierophant green
C Tier1. The fool
2. Hermit purple
D Tier1. Judgement
2. Tower of gray

Project Star Style Tier List

S1. Bubble Hamon
A1. Pluck
2. Wamuu
B1. Vampire
2. Hamon
C1. Kars
D1. Basic

How to Get a New Stand in Project Star?

Project Star Cairo Town Map
map overview of Cairo city

To get a new Stand in Project Star, you need to find them scattered across the main area, Cairo City. The chance of each stand to spawn will be dependent on the tier they belong to and some of them are really hard to get. But you need to keep collecting more arrows to eventually come across rare types of stands in the game eventually so you have to show patience while playing.

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About the game

Project Star

Project Star

Project Star is a Roblox RPG game. The game is inspired by a popular “JAPANESE ANIME” show series known as “JOJO`S BIZZARE ADVENTURES”
Developer(s):  Big Losers Club
Action RPG