PUBG New State Promo Codes

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The entire mobile gaming community is hyped up after the latest release of PUBG New State. This futuristic battle royal has become a hot game for players all over the world. 

No doubt Krafton did a better job than previous games in the PUBG universe in terms of its gameplay. We expect to see a lot of improvements related to the game in a short while.

The game already has several in-game skins and outfits that you can collect by completing missions. Also, the designated Shop allows you to purchase gun skins and character gear by opening crates.

However, some players are not comfortable spending money to fill NC (in-game currency) credits in the account. But don’t you worry, you can still get a lot of cool outfits, gun skins and emotes, and much more without spending a penny! 

Yes! You can earn some free in-game rewards officially without spending any money!


Well, with the help of PUBG New State Promo Codes/Redeem Codes!

Today, we bring you this complete guide on PUBG New State Redeem Codes along with the steps on how to use these codes. Make sure you go through every section of this guide and collect those juicy rewards.

What are Promo/Redeem Codes for PUBG New State?

PUBG New State Scene

PUBG New State redeem codes are a unique combination of digits that help you earn rewards. Similar to any usual gaming gift code, players can easily extract the respective in-game gift. Further, these codes are official, and there are no restrictions on using them in the game. It will add custom outfits and gun skins to your account that you can flaunt while playing with your friends.

You can also redeem them to get exclusive emotes, gun skins, crates, or special characters accordingly. Do remember that you need to use them as soon as possible as the codes usually expire after a specific date or a set number of redeems.

To get a general understanding of the game read – PUBG New State Wiki

PUBG New State Redeem Codes

List of PUBG New State latest Redeem Codes
  • 8CUY84RG25OKW – Redeem Free Gift
  • E35KQXI8C6IH8 – Redeem Free Gift
  • 7IV1P1KLLOUKV – Redeem Free Gift
  • 6PSXNVN241BTG – Redeem Free Gift
  • Y12KARBYD2ER – Redeem Free Gift
  • P8HZDBTFZ95U – Redeem Free Gift
  • HTDS78FTU2XJ – Redeem Shop Crate
  • INUTRE97YU3N – Redeem Free Gift
  • OJI87YUHITEE2 – Redeem Parachute Skin
  • 12JUNN7GTRER – Redeem Car Skin
  • 7TREMIK6YERU – Redeem AKM Skin
  • DDSJJCZCDZ9U – Redeem AKM Skin
  • Q12KARZBZYTR – Redeem Kar98 Skin
  • BDGRAAZBZJGS – Redeem M416 Skin
  • 0CUB9D5WMSCWL – Redeem M416 Skin

How to Find PUBG New State Gift Codes?

PUBG New State Gameplay

The redeem codes mentioned above are collected from trusted online sources and the official PUBG New State website. If you follow any content creator or streamer, they also put redeem codes during their live streams.

The developers also tend to post exclusive gift codes on their social media platforms. Hence, you can watch such media to get your hands on the latest PUBG New State redeem codes. Make sure you are only following genuine sources provided by the officials.

Alternatively, you can follow (by pressing the bell icon at the bottom right of your screen) – and we will notify you every time we update the PUBG New State Redeem Codes list!

How to Redeem PUBG New State Redeem Codes?

PUBG New State Promo Codes redemption center

The method to use PUBG New State redeem codes is quite simple and only takes less than a minute. The steps for the same are,

  1. Visit the official PUBG New State website on your mobile or laptop.
  2. Click on the Redeem tab present on the navigation bar.
  3. Next, enter the correct Redeem Code in the space provided.
  4. You also require your in-game Account ID on which you want to redeem the reward. It is available in the profile section of PUBG New State.
  5. Finally, complete the reCAPTCHA and click on the Redeem button.

If you follow everything, the gift will be transferred to your account in a short while. However, you can only use the redeem code once for a single account. Try to use another gift code using the same method.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does PUBG New State have Redeem Codes?

    PUBG New State was recently launched and has a bunch of redeem codes for players. We have the complete list of codes that you can save now. However, new codes will be released soon!

  2. Will I Get Banned for Using Gift Codes?

    You will have no restrictions while using official redeem codes on your account. Although, players will only get 3 attempts to fill in the correct code. Otherwise, you will have to wait for 60 minutes before trying again.

  3. Are Redeem Codes Legit?

    YES! all the PUBG New State redeem codes mentioned in the article are provided by the developers themselves. So, unless you are trying to redeem gifts from third-party platforms you are good. We recommend using the mentioned sources to obtain active gift codes.

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