PUBG New State Review

PUBG New State has just been launched globally on November 11th, 2021 on google playstore. After trying it on our own – here is what we think of the latest iteration in the PUBG universe.

The entire gaming community is excited after the recent release of PUBG New State on the global platform. There is no doubt in the fact that Krafton already has major battle royal games like BGMI and PUBG Mobile under its name.

Millions of players have already registered their PUBG New State account and are ready to start their journey. It is relatively easy for veterans to begin with the new game as the user interface is similar to the previous games.

However, it could be challenging for new players as they need time to get familiar with the genre. Hence, our team at Shadow Knight Gaming brings a comprehensive PUBG New State Review based on the expert’s opinions. It will give you a quick overview of the entire game to be comfortable with the new things accordingly.

PUBG New State Review – Maps

PUBG New State Map

The first thing that depicts the status of PUBG New State is the map where you will battle against your opponents. TROI is the newest addition in the Maps section of the game. The overall theme is entirely based on the futuristic city with unique locations, fair weather, and rugged terrain.

You will surely enjoy playing with your squad on this new TROI map.

When you are on the plane, the location names are highlighted on the actual map. It will help you to land at the right spot after jumping out. Otherwise, it would be difficult to open the minimap and check the same. It seems like you are dashing through alphabets to reach your destination.

The Loot is pretty enough for a tight battle, even at the early stages of the match. You can gather in the urban parts of TROI to have a high ground over your opponents. No matter where you land, you could still pack a decent loot like ammo, bandages, painkillers, etc.

Guns and other Weapons

PUBG New State Weapons

There is not much to talk about guns as players are already familiar with different weapons in the game. You will find every weapon like M416, Groza, AKM, Vector, UZI, S686, AWM, and many more used in the old PUBG. We also did some research on the weaponry for this PUBG New State Review blog for you.

Apart from previous weapons, you can use a new bolt-action sniper rifle, DSR-I. It takes 7.62 ammo and deals damage just like an M24. Some players might need some practice to control the new recoil mechanics of every weapon.

Moreover, we get deployable shields that you carry in your bag and activate whenever necessary. The shield will protect you from enemy bullets and give a better angle to fire back.

New Vehicles

PUBG New State Car - Volta

Vehicles play a significant role in every Playerunknowns Battlegrounds game despite being underdogs. In PUBG New State, we can see several brand-new vehicles running across TROI. The new vehicles added in the game are,

  • New Car: Volta
  • New Two-Wheeler: Vulture
  • New Jeep
  • Trams

The best part is that now the enemy will not survive once you crush them with your car. It means players will get INSTANT KILL as soon as the car runs over the opponent. Hence, you need to be more precise while shooting at vehicles in an open field.

Drone Shop

PUBG New State Drone Shop

Drone Shop is a new concept for players and needs some serious discussion for a better PUBG New State Review.

Earlier, players used to loot every single item from the map itself. But now, you can call for supplies from the Drone Shop. Players only need to collect Drone Credits to place an order in the shop and a drone will deliver the requested items right to you within a couple of seconds. 

However, you will give your location to the enemy and will have to address unwanted guests to the party. This is the reason you must be extremely careful while calling out for the same.

Overall User Interface

PUBG New State Gameplay

At last, you must be curious about knowing how different it feels to play PUBG New State. Well, the graphics are definitely improved than BGMI or PUBG Mobile. No doubt it can be furnished more, but it is what it is. PUBG New State is running smoothly on medium to high-end devices. Although, it will take some time for everyone to settle with the game

Further, players get the option to choose from Novice, Intermediate, and Expert, depending on the experience. Veteran players will also get the desired layout as per their playing style, which they can customize accordingly.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now have enough knowledge about the game after reading our PUBG New State Review. The game is getting a lot of positive reviews from the community with a handful of critics.

We are sure that PUBG New State will improve even more in the near future. Thus, you should try and play the game with your friends and dominate the future world! Also, you will not be comfortable with PUBG New State until you actually play and test all the tactics.