Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List

Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List ranks all the best Constructs in the game according to their class, types, strengths, and other special abilities.

The second production of Kuro Games, released globally in 2021, Punishing: Gray Raven, is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is observing the extinction of humans. As fun as this game sounds, the adventurous it is. And its characters are its backbone. Every character is profoundly made and given specific skills.

This article will serve you an introduction to its characters and their special skills.

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Type of Characters in Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing Gray Raven logo

Playable Characters

  • Constructs

This category constitutes the majority of the playable characters. They are mostly of B, A & S-Rank. They have further three classes- Attacker, Tank & Support.

  • Uniquants

 They are also playable characters, which constitutes S-Rank. They are the pioneers or Vanguards. They all are powerful even with -60% ATK.    

NPCs (Non Playable Characters)

  • Enemies

They are further divided into three categories- Ordinary, Elite, and Boss.

  • Bosses

The table below will help you with a brief introduction of different characters.

CharactersClassTypeEnergy CoefficientSpecialty
Nanami StormBTank100% PhysicalDMG Reduction/ Shielding DMG
Bianca ZeroAAttacker100% PhysicalDuel/Energy Boost
Liv LuminanceSSupport100% PhysicalHeal/ Members Damage Reduction
Watanabe AstralAAttacker50% Physical/ 50% DarkAgility/ Mixed Damage
Liv EclipseBSupportPhysicalMelee/Heal
Liv LuxASupport20% Physical/ 80% LightningHeal/ Mixed Damage
Kamui TenebrionSTank50% Physical/ 50% DarkMixed DMG/Form Switch
Nanami PulseSTank50% Physical/ 50% DarkMixed DMG/ Resistance Reduction
Lucia Crimson AbyssSSAttacker100% PhysicalDual/ Form Switch
Lee PalefireAAttacker60% Physical/ 40% FireCombo/ Mixed Damage
Watanabe NightbladeAAttacker100% PhysicalDuel/ Backstab
Lee EntropySSAttacker100% PhysicalCombo/ Physical DMG
Lucia LotusBAttacker80% Physica/ 20% FireDuel/ Dual Blades
Lucia DawnAAttacker40% Physical/ 60% LightningDuel/Mixed DMG
Karenina BlastAAttacker80% Physical/ 20% FireMixed DMG/ Form Switch
Karenina EmberSSAttacker30% Physical/ 70% FireMelee/ Mixed DMG

Punishing: Gray Raven Tier list – Different Character Types

Punishing: Gray Raven Tier list


  • Known for dealing most of the damages.
  • Focuses on offensive skills and specialities


  • It features rock-solid defences and high HP.
  • It can reduce damage when paired with shielding abilities.


  •  They feature the highest damage properties, compared to other types.
  • They use their healings skills to restore their and as well as others’ HP.

A Breif Descripion of various Constructs’ Individual Abilities

Lucia Lotus

Punishing Gray Raven - Lucia Lotus
  • Initian Move
  • Quick Blade
  • Dual Blade

Liv Eclipse

Punishing Gray Raven - Liv Eclipse
  • Laser Shot
  • Beam Strike
  • Laser Cluster

Nanami- Storm

Punishing Gray Raven - Nanami- Storm
  • Sawblade Slash
  • EX-Storm of Cuts

Lucia Dawn

Punishing Gray Raven - Lucia Dawn
  • Lotus Flurry
  • Lotus Quick Blade
  • Lotus- Lightning Dance

Liv- Lux

Punishing Gray Raven - Liv - Lux
  • Ion Cannons
  • Lightning Attack Practice
  • Reversed Egretfield

Lee – Palefire

Punishing Gray Raven - Lee - Palefire
  • Precise shots
  • Shooting Mode
  • Controlling Bullets

Watanabe – Nightblade

Punishing Gray Raven - Watanabe - Nightblade
  • Black Sakura
  • Slash
  • Fleeting Phantom

Bianca Zero

Punishing Gray Raven - Bianca Zero
  • Point Shooting
  • Fast Draw
  • Quiver Of Mercy

Karenina – Blast

Punishing Gray Raven - Karenina - Blast
  • Scattering Projectiles
  • Artillery technique
  • Artilelry Tactics

Lee Entropy

Punishing Gray Raven - Lee Entropy
  • Continuous Fire
  • Burst Mode
  • Space Lord

Liv – Luminance

Punishing Gray Raven - Liv - Luminance
  • Repelling Beams
  • Adaptive Ray
  • Goddess Connection System

Karenina – Ember

Punishing Gray Raven - Karenina - Ember
  • Lightblade Strike
  • Pressure Unleashed
  • Thermal Armament

Nanami – Pulse

Punishing Gray Raven - Nanami - Pulse
  • Rhythm Charge
  • Sawblade Storm
  • Overclocking Resonance

Kamui – Tenebroin

Punishing Gray Raven - Kamui - Tenebroin
  • Orb Skills in Normal and Dark Mode
  • Active Abilities – Awakening, QTE

Lucia – Crymson Abyss

Punishing Gray Raven - Lucia - Crymson Abyss
  • Flickering Strike
  • Laido Will
  • Blade Will

Kamui Bastian

Punishing Gray Raven - Kamui Bastian
  • Overhead Attack
  • Can deal total of 395 of physical damage
  • If the team’s health is above 70%, gain 10%.

Watanabe – Astral

Punishing Gray Raven - Watanabe - Astral
  • Comet Tail
  • Death Star
  • Cosmic Wave

Ayla- Brilliance

Punishing Gray Raven - Ayla- Brilliance
  • Scythe
  • Charged Orb after combining first three orbs

Bianca – Veritas

Punishing Gray Raven - Bianca - Veritas
  • 7 Arrows attack
  • After combining first 3 orbs, next blue orb will enter sniper mode

Sophia – Silverfang

Punishing Gray Raven - Sophia - Silverfang
  • Rapid Gun Attack
  • Robotic Arms
  • Energy orb

Chrome – Arclight

Punishing Gray Raven - Chrome - Arclight
  • Scythe Swing
  • Can deal 305 physical damage
  • Variety of team mates is beneficial

Lucia – Plume

Punishing Gray Raven - Lucia - Plume
  • Slash
  • Ice Mode
  • Can deal 320 Physical Damage

Camu – Crocotta

Punishing Gray Raven - Camu - Crocotta
  • Spinning Attack
  • Berserk Mode
  • Can Attack +80% while being in Catastrophe Zones.

Rosetta – Arctic

Punishing Gray Raven - Rosetta - Arctic
  • Triple Slash
  • Charge Spear
  • Spear of Insight

Changyu – Kirin

Punishing Gray Raven - Changyu - Kirin
  • Quick attack
  • Can deal with 405 of ice damage
  • While attacking with a hook, can deal 250 ice damage.

Qu – Peafowl’s Plume

Punishing Gray Raven - Qu - Peafowl’s Plume
  • Jumps and attack while dealing with physical damage
  • Can deal with total 375 physical damage
  • Just after the sync bar is filled, empowering each and every orb entering the condensation state.


Punishing Gray Raven - 2B
  • 2 lights and a heavy sword
  • Rush mode
  • After combining 3 yellow orbs, gains 160 stance stability points.


Punishing Gray Raven - 9S
  • Laser attack, dealing with 300 physical damage.
  • Sprint Attack
  • Overload energy advantage


Punishing Gray Raven - A2
  • Multiple Thrust Attack
  • Can deal with 380 physical damage
  • Skating mode with 9S

Best Constructs in Punishing: Gray Raven

Here is a list of all the best characters in punishing: Gray Raven.

  1. Lucia – Crymson Abyss
  2. Kamui Tenebrion
  3. Karenina- Ember
  4. Liv – Eclipse
  5. Liv – Lux
  6. Nanami – Pulse
  7. Liv – Luminance
  8. Karenina – Blast
  9. Bianca Zero
  10. Lucia Locus
  11. Lee – Palefire
  12. Watanabe – Nightblade

So, that was all for the Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful.

Note that this Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List is solely based on our own research and experience with the game. So your opinion/ experience may vary.

The tier list is also not Absolute and will most likely change as new game updates are rolled out. That being said we will try our best to keep the article with the latest information.

Thank you for reading this far!

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