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First Touch Games has released the next generation mobile football game, Dream League Soccer 2020. First touch games are well known for developing a lot of great games such as score hero, score match, DLS 2019, etc. The dream league soccer is their best work. In this, we Shadow Knight Gaming will  give you a detailed review of Dream League Soccer 2020


DLS 20 is a great game to play in 2020 because the game offers not only a league mode but also a real-time multiplayer. The one league consists of 6 divisions. You will start in the academy division and rise all the way to glory. Every team in the world is put in the same league. The graphics and the gameplay are great as of its size.

DLS 20 requires only 400 MB space on your device and the important things are that it works well on both flagship and budget devices also. At first, the game begins by giving you a team and will allow selecting a captain. Although, the team they give you is very low power, and only the captain is a world-class player. You can buy new players in the transfer market. Comparatively, world-class players are not available in the academy division, as they used to be in the previous versions of the game. Stadium upgrades are necessary to promote to the next division.

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The transfer market in Dream League Soccer

There are two new methods of purchasing players are added, one is a free transfer using agents. Agents can find a player of three types: common, rare, and legendary players. The cost to find legendary and rare is very high Since gems are tough to come by. The other one is by using scouts, which is similar to the above method, but you’ll have to use coins and gems. Otherwise, you can buy players in the quick buy menu.

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You can progress through the next division by upgrading the stadium and finishing in the top four. It is essential to use your coins carefully. In case, if you get bored playing offline, you can play online matches with other opponents, the multiplayer connection is pretty stable and does not lag much.

The latest version of the game has other facility upgrades such as a medical centre, training ground, etc. These upgrades require gems. Dream league soccer stands out from games of the same genre because it occupies less space in your device and offers good graphics.

Dream League Soccer 2020 is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

NameDream League Soccer 2020
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
CategorySports Game
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
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