Revived Witch Tier list – Best Characters in the Game

Welcome and be delighted as here in this article we have prepared the best most comprehensive tier list of all time for all the dolls (characters) of the game Revived witch.

Please don’t think less of the Revived witch tier list because it took a lot of time to come up with this final list is for all of you to enjoy. Most of the players are unaware of the importance of the tier list and often overlook it. But, just so you know these tier lists are the cheat towards becoming a pro asap.

As you might already know Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game with 2D live pixel technology and 3D lighting. The game provides a lot of dynamic and different playable characters, a lot of parallel worlds, and a new sense of adventure as you move deeper into the game world.

Let us continue our journey toward becoming a pro and take look at the contents –

Revived Witch Tier listsDivision
RanksS rank
A rank
B rank
C rank

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Revived Witch Tier list Ranks

Revived Witch Tier List Best Characters

We have categorized all the characters in the game into different tiers. These are as follows –

  • S rank: They are basically the most overpowered godly characters in the game. If you are playing the game for quite some time you may already be familiar with some of the characters.
  • A rank: These are similar to s rank characters but not as powerful as them. They don’t lack in power but rather in ability and rarity.
  • B rank: These are your average characters they are powerful but not much. They are your average characters’ average at everything and excellent.
  • C rank: They are bad then average but good as your beginner characters they will be very difficult to lay with moving forward in the game.

Revived Witch Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Revived Witch Tier List - All Characters Ranked

Here is a list of all the characters in Revived Witch and how they stack up against each other.

Rank Characters (Dolls)
S rankElla, Dorin, Celanya, Tuonel, Amanami, Ushpia, Afallen, Mineer, Arcana, Akasha, Metamorphoses.
A rankCersivey, Yui, Cynetia, Caledonia, Lilia, Goorveig, La Crima, Mayahuel, Nannar.
B rankInn & Lou, Luan, Flora, Nom, Pakane, Tama.
C rankOctavia, Fey, Hilda, Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi, Avail, Cetess, Yurugu, Eulalia, Primula, Mortimer, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya, Viola, Anemone, Cuspidata, Czerni, Mikoto, Miku, Acheronte.

Revived Witch Class Tier List

Destroyer class

Revived Witch Destroyer class Tier List - Ella

Here is the Revived Witch tier list for the best Destroyer class dolls.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Ella UR
A rank Yui SSR
B rank Kyphon SSR
C rank Miku SR
Fey -NA-
Octavia SR
Hilda SR

Guardian class

Revived Witch Guardian class Tier List - afallen

Here is the Revived witch tier list for the best Guardian class dolls.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Afallen UR
A rank Caledonia UR
Nannar UR
B rank Luan SSR
C rank Avail R
Cetess SR
Yurugu SR

Assassin class

Revived Witch Assassin class Tier List - Celanya

Here is the list of best assassin class dolls in Revived Witch.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Celanya UR
A rank Akasha UR
B rank Inn & Lou SSR
C rank Shuffle SSR
Nocturna SSR
Elis SR
Nemesi SR

 Mage class

Revived Witch  Mage class Tier List - Mineer

Here are the best Mage class dolls in Revived Witch.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Ushpia SSR
Mineer UR
A rank Lilia EX
Mayahuel SSR
B rank Pakane SR
C rank Viola SR
Anemone SSR
Cuspidata R
Acheronte SSR

Healer class

Revived Witch Healer class Tier List - Tuonel

Here is the Healer class Revived Witch tier list.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Tuonel UR
A rank Cynetia SSR
Sher UR
Flora UR
B rank Norn SSR
C rank Eulalia R
Primula R
Mortimer SR
Ruda SR
Croche SR
Yothaya SR

Compeller class

Revived Witch Compeller class Tier List - Amanami

List of the best Compeller class dolls in Revived witch.

Rank Character Name Rarity
S rank Metamorphoses UR
Dorin SSR
Amanami UR
A rank Goorveig UR
La Crima SSR
Arcana SSR
Cersivey -NA-
B rank Tama SSR
C rank Czerni SR
Mikoto SR

Disclaimer: This Revived witch Tier list is solely based on our research and experience with the game. So, your opinion/experience may vary. This tier list is also not absolute and may change with new game updates.

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