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Rise of Kingdoms is a perfect game to have the feel of being an Emperor of an empire and take them forward as one under your own guidance. Rise of kingdom is a mobile based MMO real time game which offers 11 civilisations or kingdoms with 27 heroes and real warfare.

Lilith Games introduced Rise of Kingdom in 2018, which was originally called Rise of Civilizations and later renamed as Rise of Kingdoms.

From the state of unsuspicious to a legendary unbeatable kingdom, players get to experience and do this on their own and in their creative & unique manner.

So it all depends on the leader i.e. player to make or break his kingdom.

Will the kingdom have peace? Will the kingdom have wars? Will the kingdom be defeated? Or It will rise with all the glory……

Only time will tell.

Information Table

Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

Find the game with the information from the table below and experience an epic Real-time Strategy game.

Game NameRise of Kingdoms
Publisher(s)Lilith Games
Developer(s)Lilith Games
Composer(s)Lilith Games
Platform(s)Mobile based MMO real-time game
Genre(s)Strategic game based on history

Gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms

Gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms
  1. Players are a leader of a kingdom, which they have to train and make it rise.
  2. There will be wars with other kingdoms, trying to defeat them.
  3. Players need to do battles for which they need to gather resources and have at least one Commander who can lead the army.
  4. Every commander has 3 special abilities which builds the Talent trees of the commanders.
  5. Every commander also had 4 skills which can be unlocked by upgrading their Stars of the Commander. 1 star = 1 skill.
  6. Commanders from the category of Epic and Legendary have a 5th skill which unlock only if you have the first 4 levels of skills.
  7. To upgrade the stars of commander, commander of sculptures or universal sculptures can be used. And this can be done only when the current max level cap has been hit by the commander.

What are commanders in Rise of Kingdoms?

commanders in Rise of KIngdoms
  • The commander is the leading character who guides the army troop to the role assigned to him by players.
  • They all have their own skills, levels/experience, equipment and 3 different talent specializations.
  • They all need sculptures and stars to increase their power, raise their level and to unlock their skills until they reach maximum level.

Types of Commanders

  • Legendary Commanders– Most powerful commanders in the game.
  • Epic Commanders– Pretty strong commanders.
  • Elite Commanders– Easy and quick to get through keys in the tavern.
  • Advanced Commanders– Weakest commanders in the game.

Commander specializations

As said, every commander has 3 special talents. Commanders have only one from each column.


Commander Skills

Skills depend on experience and level of stars. 

Legendary and Epic commanders have:- 

  • 5 Skill
  • 1 Active
  • 3 Passive
  • 1 Definitive (Expertise)
  • Elite and advanced commanders have:-
  • 4 Skills
  • 1 Active
  • 3 Passive

Skills are progressive through a sculpture system which improves the current level.

690 Sculptures440 Sculptures340 Sculptures230 Sculptures

Stars and Leveling Up

Alongside a series of talents and skills, players also need to increase the experience of their commanders.

Commander EXP requirement


List of Commanders of Rise of Kingdoms

List of Commanders of Rise of Kingdoms

Legendary Commanders

  • Alexander The Great
  • Artemisia I
  • Attila
  • Cao Cao
  • Charlemagne
  • Charles Martel
  • Cleaopatra VII
  • Constantine I
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Edward of Woodstock
  • El Cid
  • Frederick I
  • Genghis Khan
  • Guan Yu
  • Hannibal Barca
  • Ishida Mitsunari
  • Julius Caesar
  • Leonidas I
  • Mehmed II
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Mulan
  • Ragnar Lodbrok
  • Ramesse II
  • Richard
  • Saladin
  • Seondeok
  • Takeda Shingen
  • Tomyris
  • Wu Zetian
  • Yi Seong-Gye
  • Aethelflaed

Epic Commanders

  • Baibars
  • Belisarius
  • Boudica
  • Eulji Mundeok
  • Hermann
  • Joan of Arc
  • Keira
  • Kusunoki Masashige
  • Lohar
  • Osman I
  • Pelagius
  • Scipio Africanus
  • Sun Tzu

Elite Commanders

  • Constance
  • Gaius Marius
  • Lancelot
  • Tomoe Gozen
  • Sarka

Advanced Commanders

  • Centurion
  • City Keeper
  • Dragon Lancer
  • Markswoman

Unobtainable Commanders

  • Calvin