Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms offers Twelve very unique and special civilizations to choose from from the very beginning of the game. Each Civilization is special and has its own perks, style, special units, and skillful commanders.

Picking a strong civilization is very important, as it has a huge impact on the whole game experience. Armies, commerce, and everything can be chosen regardless of the civilization but a civilization, being the foundation of the whole playstyle, matters the most.

A player can switch to any other civilization with ease to fit their playing styling and their state in the game, by using 10,000 Gems in Civilizations Change.

So here’s a short guide for each of the12 Civilizations (Viking is newly added), followed by the best 6 Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

To get a better understanding of the game, check out Rise of Kingdoms Wiki.


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Civilizations of Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag Britain
BritainSLongbowmanBoudica+5% Archer attack+5% troop training+20% ally garrison capacity
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Germany
GermanySTeutonic KnightHermann+5% Cavalry attack+5% troop training speed+10% action point recovery
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Korea
KoreaSHwarangEulji Mundeok+5% Cavalry attack+15% hospitality  capacity+3% research speed
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Arabia
ArabiaAMamlukBaibars+5% Cavalry attack10% damage to Barbarians and Neutral units+5% rallied armies damage
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - China
ChinaAChu-Ko-NuSun Tzu+3% troop defense5% action point+5% building Speed
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - France
FranceAThrowing AxemanJoan of Arc+3% troop health10% wood gathering speed+20% hospital healing speed
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Japan
JapanASamuraiKunsunoki Masashiga+3% troop attack+30% scout march speed+5% resource gathering speed
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Ottoman
OttomanBJanissaryOsman I+5% archer health+5% troop march+5% active skill damage
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Rome
RomeBLegionaryScipio Africanus+5% infantry defense+5% troop march+10% food gathering speed
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Spain
SpainBConquistadorPelagius+5% Cavalry defense+10% experience gained from barbarians and neutral units+20% resources production
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Vikings
VikingsBBerserkerBjörn Ironside+5% infantry attack+3% counterattack damage+10% troop lead
Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Flag - Byzantium
ByzantiumCCataphractBelisarius+5% cavalry health+10% stone gathering speed+15% hospital capacity

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations (Over All)


China increases your building speed by 5% which helps the players to upgrade their buildings faster. This gives players an advantage to always be ahead of other players as much as possible.

And choosing China rewards players with Sun Tzu right at the beginning, who is one of the best Epic Commanders in the game. He is suitable for both PvE and PvP fights. He goes with any other commander in the game and is helpful in big combat.


France comes with Joan of Arc as a reward, who is the best free support commander as he is the most versatile epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

She can be used with any other commander and neutral units. She is great at farming resources. You can use it in 2 ways, as a primary commander by upgrading her blue and red talents or using her for farming and supporting other commanders by upgrading her farming talents and keep her at 4.


Rome has the best infantry units. Infantry units are cheap, best at taking damage, and can counter cavalry units.

Rome rewards you with Scipio, who is without any doubt one of the best Epic commanders for infantry playstyle. Scipio is very tanky, great at dealing, and has stable output damage.


Germany is best suited for Cavalry and cavalry is best on the battlefield due to their moving speed. After playing games for a few days, players prefer Germany over Spain to overwhelm other players from the start only.

Germany increases the troop training speed and hospital healing speed, which are always helpful, from the starting till the end and especially if players like doing combats.

Garmany rewards players with Hermann who is an Epic Hero. He is not at all weak and has decent nuke damage and has the ability to prevent the enemies from using skills for 2 seconds.


Spain is also great for cavalry units. Spain’s cavalry units have the highest damage. Spain gives you extra XP while forming Barbarians and neutral units.

Spain comes with Pelagius as the commander which is always considered as a plus point for Spain. Pelagius is the most balanced cavalry epic commander and also possesses nice damage, healing ability, and good stats for all new players.


Cavalry is best for the starting of the game. So another cavalry civilization- Byzantium.

Byzantium gives Belisarius, who is cavalry epic commander. He is great for new players, especially those who like to play for free.

Pelagius + Belisarius combo is notable in Rise of Kingdoms for free players. Belisarius boosts the speed of the troop as the main commander. Pelagius can be used as the primary commander to induce more damage.

Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms by Playstyle

Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations
For DevelopmentFrance
For CombatGermany

Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms by Game Stage

Early GameChina
Mid GameGermany
Late GameKorea


  1. Can we change our civilization in the middle of the game?

    Yes, players can change their civilization by using 10,000 Gems in Civilization Change.

  2. Which Civilization must be preferred during the mid-games?

    According to a lot of players Germany is best for the mid-game phase.

  3. Why is choosing civilization so important?

    Civilizations have a huge impact on the player’s gaming experience. Therefore choosing civilizations is very important according to their rewards and commanders in lead.

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