Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes June 2024

Winning rewards in Rise of Kingdoms is now easier. Today we bring you all the currently active Rise of Kingdoms gift codes. You can use them and earn cool rewards.

As much as this game is interesting and addicting, the choice of commanders and their skills is crucial. Rise of Kingdoms codes can help you to take a lead in a game by unlocking rewards needed to win battles.

Rise of Kingdoms gift codes are created by the developers of Rise of Kingdoms and can be found on various social media platforms. These codes are great and make it much easier to unlock gems in the games. Copying and pasting these codes is the right way to redeem these codes.

All Rise of Kingdoms gift codes were collected from different social media posts, comments, and websites. Furthermore, we have tested all of them before adding them to the list and we will be adding more whenever they are available. All you need to do is copy them from here and redeem them to win amazing in-game rewards.

To get a better understanding of the game check out our Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

List of Rise of Kingdoms codes

List of Rise of Kingdoms codes

Working codes

Nyprp7zp7q – [Reward: Speedups and some tome of knowledge] {For accounts not older than 20 days}

Expired Codes

  • d725ig2acq – [Reward: X2 Golden Key, X5 Level, 6 tome of knowledge, X2 500 Action Point Recovery, X2 3-hour Speedup]
  • ROKVIKINGS – [Reward: 1 Golden Key, 3 Silver Keys, 2 Speedup, and 10 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge]
  • STANDBYYOU – [Reward: X2 Golden Key, X2 3h Speedup, X2 60, Speedup, X18 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge]
  • Brem4k69u – [22 Golden Keys, 5 Tomes of Level 6 Knowledge, 2 Immediate Action Point Recovery, and 2 SpeedUps]
  • Happynew21 – [Reward: 1 Golden key, 2 silver keys, 3-hour Universal speedups X2, 10 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge.]

How to get Rise of Kingdoms Gift codes?

The creators of Rise of Kingdoms have made a treasure when it comes to finding its gift codes. Rise of Kingdoms official Facebook and Discord servers are the most prominent in releasing gift codes. They can also be found on the Official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. And do not forget to check the comment sections.

Alternatively, you can check this article as it is the easiest way. We make sure to keep it updated whenever new codes are released. Furthermore, we will send you a notification too if you decide to be a part of our notification squad by hitting the bell icon at the bottom right of your screen.

How to Redeem Rise of Kingdoms codes?

At first, it might be tricky to use these codes, but if you follow the below-mentioned steps, you won’t face any issues.

Steps to redeem Rise of Kingdoms codes:

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

Rise of Kingdoms Click on the profile icon on the top let corner

2. Then click on the settings.

Rise of Kingdoms

3. There will appear a gift icon with Redeem name, click on that.

Rise of Kingdoms codes

4. A window will appear, enter/paste 10 digit code in the space.

Rise of Kingdoms Codes Redeem window

5. Done! You have received cool rewards.

The Redeem window shows an Error

If you face an error while Redeeming codes here are a few things you can check.

  • Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes are case-sensitive so respect the syntax and type them in as it is.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection and are using the latest version of the game.
  • Remember, a code can only be used only once by a player.
  • Lastly, Every code has an expiry date and some have a redemption limit (In number of use) beyond which it becomes useless. So, if you have checked everything and the code still doesn’t work it is probably exhausted or expired.

Rise Of Kingdoms Code Generator

While looking for Gift codes you might run into Rise Of Kingdoms Code Generator tools or websites claiming that they will offer you codes and hacks If you pay a small price, fill out a survey or download a few apps.

All these are scams and you are putting yourself at risk by sharing your personal information you are exposing your devices and yourself to all sorts of cyber attacks.

Rise Of Kingdoms gift Codes are officially provided by the developers of the game and for all their users free of cost.


Do these Rise of Kingdoms codes really work?

Yes, they do, if you follow the correct steps and measures.

What should I do if a code is not working?

If you have followed all our instructions and still the codes don’t work it is highly likely that the code has expired. If this is the case you will have to wait for new codes or you can try your luck finding new ones.

Where I can get new Rise of Kingdoms codes?

You can find new codes from the official Rise of Kingdom Facebook Page and also on our site.

Can I get Banned for using Rise of Kingdom codes?

No, they are safe and only rewarding. They will not affect your game in any way.