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Ro: infinite zero is an anime-based fantasy game developed by Tunazui studios.

The game requires your character to enter a different world to complete various tasks and quests. The game is currently in open testing due to a lack of testers and anyone can try the game.

The game was created on 1/30/2021. It is currently available on 6 servers and was updated last on 6/27/2021. It is available for testing on Android, no information is currently available about iOS devices.

Game information

  • Game Name Ro: infinite zero
  • Publisher(s).    Tunazui studios
  • Developer(s)    Tunazui studios
  • Platforms         Android
  • Release            1/30/2021
  • Genre(s)           RPG, gacha

More about the game

re zero

Currently, it’s like a solo leveling game where we can level up from completing tasks such as defeating fire cultists, training the guards, etc.

The more you level up the more skill points you acquire which you can use to upgrade the selected one out of magic, stamina, dexterity, strength, and mana.

Some of the frequently appearing venues are The Town, Water, Ice, Forest, etc.

There are three types of skills namely :

  1. Weapon skills
  2. Blessing skills
  3. Curse factors

You can find better weapons while leveling up but during the early levels, the convenience and damage of the sword are much better than blessing skills or curse factors. For Levelling up faster the usage of the sword is advisable.

You can win quests by defeating the boss who spawns hourly (there is a 25% chance) and by defeating enemy teams.

Since the game is still in open testing mode there is mostly no major detailed disclosure about the game. We hope the game gets publicly released as soon as possible. For more details about similar games visit –

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