ROJUTSU BLOX (Roblox): Free Redeem Codes January 2022

In need of an extra boost to move ahead? Well, here is your source for useful Redeem Codes for Rojutsu Blox!

It’s not easy to arrange and invest money to buy in-game items, especially when it’s a vast and vivid game like Rojutsu Blox, with a range of fabulous upgrades, accessories, and targets to complete, which costs a lot for an average player. We all have faced it.

However, it’s really difficult to find redeem codes as these codes are often limited to only the first few users, while sometimes it works for a longer span of time.

The absolute fun of Roblox, specifically a popular on-growing game like Rojutsu, comes with its dreamy options to go around and try out different functions available to us. So, it surely is a great idea to have an option to access some of it for free and genuine source.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you all the latest and currently available codes for Rojutsu Blox that you can use to gain some special rewards or characteristics, how to find them and use them.

Furthermore, whenever we get new Rojutsu Blox promo codes, we will update the list.

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What are Rojutsu Blox codes?

Rojutsu Blox codes are special codes that are issued by the developer of Rojutsu Blox for in-game use. If you redeem a code, you receive a specific reward. The code redemption system is frequently updated and new codes are given as a surprise to the players, you just need to keep a lookout!

Remember these redeem codes are mostly valid for a limited time, so don’t wait until they expire.

It can be difficult to track codes as they can be announced on multiple platforms, at different times which are often missed out and goes out too fast before knowing, hence, to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled this list of Rojutsu Blox codes in one place.

You can use these codes to progress faster in the game and unlock new champions, so check back periodically to see if new codes have been released.



ROJUTSU BLOX Active codes:

This is the list of all the valid and active Rojutsu Blox codes you can redeem currently (As checked last time).

● !PrestCode1 – Use this code to get a 5% chance to keep stats and also get a prestige level. – (Prestige 10 limit)
● !PrestCode2 – Use this code to get a 5% chance to keep stats and also get a prestige level. – (Prestige 10 limit)
● !PrestCode3 – Use the code to get a 5% chance to keep stats and also get a prestige level. – (Prestige 10 limit)
● !ReColor1 – Use this code to get a random cursed color
● !ReColor2 – Use this code to get a random cursed color
● !ReColor3 – Redeem this code to get a random cursed color
● !EXPCode1 – Redeem this code and get 500,000 XP
● !SpinCode4 – Redeem +90 spins

You can find redeem codes from different reliable e- sources easily available on different platforms, or directly from the Twitter handle of the talented developer of the game @JayTheCoderRBX.

Expired codes

  • !Rojutsu
  • !10KLikes
  • !Mobile
  • !MileStone
  • !Update3
  • !PopularPage
  • !Friends
  • !Update2

How to Redeem/Use the Codes?

The steps to redeem Rojutsu Blox codes are extremely easy. Here’s how to claim your rewards –

  • Launch Rojutsu Blox.
  • Press the Menu button on your screen/keyboard to get the Menu options pop-up.How to Redeem ROJUTSU BLOX CodeS
  • Click the CODES button on the bottom-left corner.
  • You will get a small pop-up on the bottom left side of the screen where you can enter the code in the text box.ROJUTSU BLOX Codes
  • Click on Check Code after putting the code.
  • Enjoy the rewards!

They are case sensitive and the “ ! ” is part of the code, so make sure to type it in or paste it exactly as shown.

Enjoy the rewards and don’t forget to show off those fabulous combat moves!


Rojutsu Blox has been an instant smash hit since Retribution Studios released it on Roblox in March, gathering 340k visitors and over 28k favorites in such
a short time. The game is an anime-inspired title with in-depth combat, unique skills, and challenging quests to keep you interested.

  1. Q. What if the code does not work?

    The code must have been overused and already been used up till the limit or expired. Make sure your game is updated and you are using a genuine account

  2. Q. I cannot find where to put in the code.

    The developer updated the game and now instead of putting the code in the chatbox, there is a separate section exclusively segregated to use codes.

    While playing, you will see a button on your screen named “Menu”(press M on the keyboard). It will open a window showing your assets as well as on the right the panel labeled CODES. Click it and a textbox will appear at the bottom-left corner where you can enter the code.