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Welcome to Slime – ISEKAI memories wiki. Here you will find everything you should know about the game.

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories is a 3D RPG game based on one of the all-time best anime series That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Mao to Ryu no Kenkoku-tan) developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

The game is a free-to-play type game and is available on both the Apple App Store and Google play store. The game was officially globally released on October 27 2021 and had reached a milestone download of 1.5 million+ on 17 November 2021.

As I have mentioned before the game is based on a Japanese animated series known as (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Mao to Ryu no Kenkoku-tan) so if you haven’t exposed yourself to the world of animated series before then this is your chance to do so.

The game is a lot complicated and has a lot of features and you will realize this as we move a little deeper in the wiki of this game.

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Game Info

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NameSLIME – ISEKAI Memories
PublishersBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc
Release date27 October 2021
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Game ModeSingleplayer, Multiplayer

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Storyline

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If you have not watched the animated series, then this is the place for you to get a grasp of what the game is based on and how it works. Aside from the series, there have been original stories prepared specifically for by the original author of the game. Mr. FUSE.

The story follows Rimuru (MC) who is on his way to the city of Dwargon and suddenly teleported to a different world at first the confused Rimuru is approached by ranga and Gobta. Gobta’s counterpart Vajra had evolved into a lightning ogre after absorbing the powers of the dire wolves and Ranga evolved into a guitar wolf after absorbing the powers of the sticky thread and steel thread.

Initially confused, Rimuru fights with the 2 and defats them. Rimuru considers consuming and analyzing them but, at that, they are ordered to return by an unknown entity. Then, Rimuru is forcefully ejected from the dimension into his own, and upon returning he seems to forget all that took place in the other dimension and returns to his everyday working life as a king.

After some time Rimuru once again finds himself in the mirror world and during the events of absorbing Shizu. As he moves on the great demon lord regains his memories of the last interaction with the mirror world realizing that the great demon lord deduces, only when he is teleported into the mirror world can he remember the past events that have taken place here.

Coming back during the events of Shizu, Rimuru approaches her and is completely told off during these moments the spirit of fire ifrit sealed inside Shizu escapes from her body and comes to a realization that there is another Shizu confined inside of Rimuru and attacks him revealing that the spirit has evolved into Jinfrit and now handles the power of both fire and ice.

A grueling battle takes place between the two and Rimuru emerges victorious. Rimuru comes up to absorb Jinfrit but, as fate has it the same voice again interferes and Jinfrit forcefully retreats. Rimuru is forcefully ejected from the dimension into his own and upon returning he seems to forget all that took place in the other dimension and returns to his everyday working life as a king but, this time a hooded figure lurks in the shadows and observes Rimuru from the puddle.

In the mirror world, an alternate version of Shion (Rimuru`s secretary), is shown after the event of destruction of the orc’s village. Shion converses with the hooded figure convincing her to sell her heart to increase her prowess.

In the main universe Rimuru, Shion, and Shuna are shown trying to get Rimuru to wear dresses in front of a mirror when they are suddenly pulled into the mirror world, Rimuru shocked with that his aids Shion and Shuna travel into the mirror world with him is suddenly confronted by the mirror world Shion and introduces herself as “Dodomeki” and provokes the trio. After settling down a witch by the name of “Izis” appears in front of the trio.

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Izis helps the group to understand the working of the mirror world. Izis quotes ‘mirror world is the representation of the strongest versions of them’. Izis reveals, this world was created because of her interest in Rimuru and commands Dodomeki to attack Rimuru, Shion and Shuna then act as a guard of Rimuru whereas, Dodomeki mocks the duo of surrendering and serving a slime while the orcs are still alive.

The two groups get into a fight where Shion and Shuna are confronted with Dodomeki who has consumed the souls of the dead ogres and keeps on regenerating and Rimuru pitched against Izis, suddenly the battle is brought to a stop upon the appearance of a pink slime which uses one of most powerful skills of Rimuru “predator” on Dodomeki.

Before the trio could converse with the pink slime they are teleported back to the original universe and forget all the events of the mirror world.

Gabiru faces down the orc lord, realizes that he will die if this continues. The voice of Izis converses with Gabiru through a vortex spear and convinces him to assimilate with the spear and increase his prowess exponentially.

Rimuru, Shuna, and Gobta are pulled into the mirror world and are shocked to see the mirror Gabiru easily post an orc general with little to no effort. The great sage (inner voice of Rimuru) informs such, as this version of Gabiru had assimilated himself with the vortex spear evolving into dragon spear. After some moments in the mirror world, Gabiru now goes by the name of “Trishula” challenging Rimuru to comprehend the existence of two rulers in a single kingdom as an unrealistic event.

A battle breaks out between the two even though Rimuru is powerful enough to defeat Trishula he at first is seen struggling and points out that though Trishula is weak he has subordinated supporting him from all sides. Trishula brags, during the battle but, eventually loses, unable to admit defeat and meet his follower’s expectations Trishula continues when suddenly the pink slime reappears and uses predator on Trishula.

The pink slime reaches out to Rimuru and upon further inspection calls out to Rimuru as “daddy” with utter shock Rimuru seems to have nothing to say and with Shinsha (the pink slime) revealing her human form the similarities between the two seem differentiable and the great sage deducing that fact that magicule between the two are very similar pushes the theory further.

Shinsha then tries to catch Rimuru and take him to the mirror world. Initially successful in doing so but, meets with defiance from Rimuru who escapes and tries to catch her. It is revealed that Shinsha is alone in the mirror world. Rimuru asks her to live here but she is reluctant and leaves by saying that she will return and catch him.


Slime - ISEKAI memories Gameplay

the game contains a wide variety of features and options that you can choose from and follows a very interactive 3D visual gameplay.


The game contains a very brilliant feature of building the world of tempest based on the original series.


The battles are a great highlight of the game as it contains a lot of original characters and their skills. It also features their very own original finishing move which increases the gameplay to another level.


Better known as predator quests. These are very different from your standard quests as they provide you to consume your enemy and upgrade your character’s skills.

Player support

Great sage the inner voice of Rimuru acts as player support and interacts with the player and helps them whenever required and works as an aid alongside the player.


The player can interact with other fellow players via voice interactions and can send and receive gifts from one other.

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