slime – ISEKAI memories Tier List May 2024

Slime ISEKAI memories Tier List ranks all the best characters in the game by their class, grades, and discusses the various character attributes.

Welcome and be delighted to find the best tier list for your favorite game that time I got reincarnated as a slime: ISEKAI memories. Since you have greeted us with your visit here, you are aware of what a tier list is and how it works.

To give you a brief description, a tier list is when you represent all the characters of the game in such a format that it represents the characters in their best form in all different categories of the game.

This specific tier list has been prepared for ranking the characters of the Japanese animated series-based game reincarnated as a slime: ISEKAI memories. The tier list will help you choose the best characters in different scenarios of the game.

To get an overall understanding of the game, check out – SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Wiki.

Slime – ISEKAI Memories Tier List

Slime ISEKAI Memories Tier list

How are Characters Graded in Isekai Memories Tier List

All Characters in the game are graded in 5 grades namely – S, A, B, C, and D with S being the best and D being the worst

Slime – Isekai Memories Battle Characters

Here is a list of the best Battle characters by grade in the game Slime – Isekai Memories

GradeBattle characters
S GradeDiablo  [The Black Progenitor],
Rimuru Tempest  [Chancellor of Tempest],
Milim Nava [Dragonoid],
Milim Nava [The Enthusiastic Player]
A GradeRamiris  [Demon Lord],
Milim Nava  [the Proud Dragon Demon Lord],
Veldora Tempest [The Seal Releaser],
Beretta  [Arch Golem],
Souei [Spy in Shadows],
Milim Nava [Manifestation of the Dragon],
Shizue  [Conqueror of Flames],
Shuna  [Holy Princess],
Gazel Dwargo  [King of an Armed Nation],
Treyni  [Budding of DeepGreen],
Hakurou  [Instructor of Flashing Sword],
Rimuru Tempest [Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans],
Luminus Valentine [Queen of Yule],
Veldora Tempest [The True Butler]
B GradeRimuru Tempest [The Master of Maids],
Alice Rondo [Golem Master],
Shion [Steel Annihilator],
Milim Nava [One of Oldest Demon Lords],
Benimaru  [Samurai General of Hellfire],
Ranga [Tempest Star Wolf],
Kenya Misaki [Heroic Vessel],
Rimuru Tempest [Awakened Demon Lord],
[Samurai General of Hellfire],
[Tempest Star Wolf],
Benimaru [Crimson Ogre Warrior],
Shuna  [Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light]
C GradeTrya [Summer Breeze of Benevolence],
Souei [Instant Spy],
Shion [Purple Smash],
Shion [The Bold Servant],
Milim Nava  [Delighter in Everyday Life],
Gabiru [Waving Spear],
Rimuru Tempest [Reincarnated],
Shuna [Pink Ogre Princess],
Gobta [Hobgoblin Ascendant],
Yuuki Kagurazaka [Grandmaster],
Shuna [Excellent Tailor],
Phobio [Leopard Fang],
Hakurou [White Slash]
D GradeRimuru Tempest [Swordsmanship Forge],
Souei [Blue Gale],
Chloe Aubert [Lovely Innocence],
Kurobe [Steel Heart of Forge],
Benimaru [Next Clan Leader],
Ranga [Loyal Wolf],
Shion [Ardent Attendant],
Gelmud [Secret Operator],
Benimaru [Valiant Kijin],
Geld [Orc King]
Slime ISEKAI Memories Tier list Battle Characters
Best Battle Characters

Slime – Isekai Memories Protection Characters

Here is a list of the best Protection characters by grade in the game Slime – Isekai Memories

GradeProtection characters
S GradeOrc Disaster [Starved],
Shion [The Talented Secretary],
Ramiris [Fairy of the Labyrinth],
Veldora Tempest [Storm Dragon]
A GradeCharybdis [Swimming Calamity],
Elemental Colossus [Golem],
Rimuru [the Chancellor of Prosperity]
B GradeMilim Nava [Bellicose Dragon eye],
Shuna [The Faithful Housemaid],
Ifrit [Burning Spirit]
C GradeVeldora Tempest [Proud Kin of Dragons],
Salamander [The Flame Master],
Sky Dragon [Soaring Dragon Calamity],
Kaijin [The Forge Artisan],
Light Spirit [Heroic Conductor],
Vesta [Seeker],
Gard Mjolmire [The Competent Merchant],
Fuze  [Guild master]
D GradePsychic Elf [Fortune-teller],
Butterflies of the Night Owner  [Bewitching Shopkeeper],
Dord [Skilled Artisan],
Garm  [The Armour Artisan],
Gobuichi  [The Hobgoblin Chef],
Haruna [The Affectionate Hobgoblin],
Myrd [The Construction Artisan]
Slime ISEKAI Memories Tier list Protection Characters
Best Protection Characters


There are 7 character attributes in the game. A character might have one or more of the attributes. The attributes are strong/weak against one another.

The attributes are –

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Space
  4. Wind
  5. Water
  6. Light
  7. Dark
How Character Attributes work in Slime - ISEKAI Memories

How to Reroll in Slime Isekai Memories

Isekai Memories Reroll Guide

Rerolling is a great way to give yourself a fresh start and make better decisions. To reroll in Slime Isekai Memories, follow these steps.

  1. Do the forced 10 pull.
  2. Immediately quit the app.
  3. Run the app.
  4. Press the menu button on the bottom of the title screen and select “Delete Game Data”.
  5. Choose your language, and press “YES” for Confirm Shorter Tutorial.
  6. Accept all terms and name your Chancellor (you can change it later).

Repeat the steps until you have found the characters you need.

Conclusion and a Few words from the Author

So that was pretty much it for the Slime ISEKAI – memories Tier List. The tier has been prepared for the benefit of the ISEKAI: memories game. Even though it’s the best tier list in my personal opinion sometimes, players tend to have different styles of playing.

Some like it the hard way, some like it the easy way, some use real money in the game, and some use cheats (they get banned more than 90% of the time).

I just come forward with a simple request, while researching about the game I came across a lot of sites that were trying to make users use cheats and hack into the game and if you are a real gamer and a genuine player please don’t believe in those sites and keep playing your game and have fun.

I have a friend who got banned with a level 60 id and now is back to being around only level 20s. it’s hard being a gamer but if you cheat by using hack thinking it’s the easy way, it’s going to become harder.

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Slime – ISEKAI Memories

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