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This Soul Land Reloaded wiki article contains all the details about the game a beginner needs to know for a smooth gaming experience.

Soul land reloaded game is based on a Chinese novel, “Soul land” written by San Shao. Soul land reloaded is an idle RPG game and it is available on both android and IOS platforms.

Let me tell you, the gameplay of this game is more or less similar to other idle RPG games. But what makes this specific game stand out is its storyline and plot!

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Soul Land Reloaded Story Line

Sould Land Reloaded Story

As already mentioned, the storyline of this game is closely based on the novel “the soul land light”. In story mode, the player plays a role where he/she needs to complete the given tasks to reach a pre-determined conclusion. The storyline of soul land reloaded is quite straightforward.

It consists of different phases which revolve around different characters, one for each stage with different tasks to complete and different enemies to defeat.

Each stage comprises different levels along with a boss fight at the end of each level. You must defeat the boss to level up. You will have to play a minimum of 2 rounds before a boss battle some levels may include more rounds.

After each battle in a level, you will be rewarded with stars (max – 3) depending on the amount of damage you endured and the number of soulmasters killed in that particular battle.

After every stage, you will be rewarded with crates depending upon the number of stars you achieved in the battle. These crates are filled with many gift articles such as Martial Soul Essence, Diamonds, and Gold Coins. But you must acquire the stars to unlock the crates.

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How do the Battles work in Soul Land Reloaded?

Soul Land Reloaded Battles

In this game, before heading out to battle, the player must use the resources available to him/her to build a team as strong as possible. This task must be done strategically by picking a team that gives you the best chance of defeating an enemy.

In this game, by default, the soul masters attack the enemy forces automatically after the player has deployed them on the battlefield and do not demand much interaction from the player.

However, the special feature of this game id that, the player can choose to automate the moves of the soulmaster or manually control them by tweaking some settings. This feature is something that no other idle RPG offers!

There are also different types of soulmasters that perform differently and play different roles on the battlefield. But let’s reserve that topic for another article!

PvP Battles

If you are someone who loves PvP battles, this game has that too! PvP battles are termed as “arena” in this game and are locked at the initial stage. To unlock the arena mode in this game, the player must first complete the story mode. As the name suggests, in this mode you will get an opportunity to challenge and play against. If you win, you with your opponent’s rank!


Sould Land Reloaded Shop

Almost every idle game has a shop and it is indeed an important part of a game. But unlike other games, this game contains multiple shops which can be used to buy a variety of items which will help the player level up faster. The shops in Soul Land reloaded are –


In a grocery shop, you can spend gold coins and diamonds to buy various goodies such as soul master shards, Soulforce vials, etc.

Soul Master

In this shop, you can spend diamonds as well as an item called Soul Stone to buy items such as soul master shards, cultivation stones, and breakthrough materials.

Arena Shop

In this shop, you can spend only diamonds and arena coins in exchange for items similar to the items sold in the soul master shop.

Slaughter Shop

In this shop, you can spend diamonds and slaughter coin currency in exchange for a wide range of items such as shards, cultivation stones, ring break-through stones, and enhancement dust as well – they also accept diamonds and a currency called slaughter coin.

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Soul Land Reloaded Wiki

Soul Land Reloaded Wiki

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This Soul Land Reloaded wiki article contains all the details about the game a beginner needs to know for a smooth gaming experience. Soul land reloaded game is based on…