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Counter-Strike Global offensive lovers or any fps OG would agree on the fact that Standoff 2 is easily the best fps game in the mobile gaming industry right now. It was released back in 2017 and has only gained more popularity since then. With over 50 million downloads the game gets better with each update.

Standoff 2 is liked the most among all the fps games because it’s the closest replica of the pc game cs go. The game has a lot of different game modes, servers unranked its marketplace for case skins, and a shop to buy stuff.

Game info

Standoff 2 Appicon
NameStandoff 2
Release date17 March 2017
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Game ModeMultiplayer


Standoff 2

Standoff 2 being strictly fps provides more realistic, smooth run and gun gameplay. The aim depends on mode to mode but the concept remains the same, players from all around the globe join in a 5v5 where they can either be a terrorist or a counter-terrorist.

As the name suggests it’s a standoff between the two teams where the player with the most kills gets the MVP and the last man standing wins. The game includes a lot of fun maps to hop on that too depends on mode to mode.


Defuse, allies, competitive modes include

  • sakura(newly added)
Standoff 2 Map Sakura
  • Sandstone
Standoff 2 Map Sandstone
  • Zone 9
Standoff 2 Map Zone 9
  • Province
Standoff 2 map Province
  • rust
Standoff 2 Map Rust

Whereas other modes include

  • Arena
  • Training outside
  • Sand yards
  • village

Game Modes

Standoff 2 Game Modes

TDM – This is your regular deathmatch mode, respawn is available and the team with the most kills win.

Defuse – Terrorists are supposed to plant the bomb on one of the two sites(A and B). The full map is available and counter-terrorists are supposed to either kill the terrorists before they plant or defuse the bomb within the time limit.

Escalation – It’s the same as Defuse only difference being the time limit is reduced to 40 seconds per round and only one site is available to play and plant

Competitive – This is also the same as Defuse but it’s ranked

Allies – Same as Defuse but it’s a 2v2 and only one site available to plant ( ranked)

Training – This involves bots and stationary targets for your to practice

Arms Race – TDM like mode only difference is your weapon changes after every kill

Arcade – TDM like but the whole map is available


The inventory includes your gun skins, knifes coins, and gold that you’ve collected

Standoff 2 Inventory


Standoff 2 Shop

It offers various cases and boxes for you to buy skins from.

The shop brings you new offers from time to time and also has a promo code section


Standoff 2 Marketplace

The Marketplace in Standoff 2 provides a platform for players to trade their gun skins and get gold

Clans and friends

Standoff 2 Clan

Standoff 2 offers the friend list and clan features for players to get to regroup and play together

In-game messaging and voice chat features have been provided with the new updates.



Standoff 2 Servers

A long list of servers for players around the globe

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